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06-09-2010, 12:31 AM
RE: Army
(06-09-2010 12:16 AM)athnostic Wrote:  Yes, I was aware of that. I'm not sure I could be so positive about the prospect (as the author of this thread was), knowing as I do how Palestinians are treated in the Middle East, that Israel is a bully, and that our support of their actions over the years has more to do with christian Zionism than with justice. I told you this opinion wouldn't be popular.

I don't know that the author was pleased or displeased with the prospect. I have deployed numerous times, and I don't talk about hard it is to go until it's over. It's odd, you try to look for the best in it because you KNOW it's going to be bad. And looking for the best in it keeps you from getting depressed. I took it the way I would have felt, knowing that war is inevitable for my profession and I think that she's dealing with it the best way she can, by trying not to complain about it.

(06-09-2010 12:16 AM)athnostic Wrote:  Chalk pacifism up to "naivety" (which is code for under-informed and ignorant of the real world) if you wish, as long as you're prepared to be called "pessimistic" and "jaded." Big Grin

but I AM pessimistic and jaded. I prefer to call it being a realist, but I am aware that the terms are relatively synonymous. But I do believe that the concept of pacifism is great, and if we were all pacifists, well, that would be great too. But the moment someone uses a tool as a weapon (screwdriver, axe, gun) as something other than a tool and tries to inflict pain, then pacifism falls apart. It's not a practical world view IMHO.

(06-09-2010 12:16 AM)athnostic Wrote:  No. You have every right to choose to make a living as a soldier. I would never, ever do so. (This is where you tell me that it's those willing to serve who have preserved my freedom of choice. Perhaps.) Our military campaigns over the years have pissed off the rest of the world to the extent that we must defend ourselves with frequency. What a self-perpetuating mess.

I didn't mean to be offensive, but I can't deny I feel strongly about the situation in the Middle East.

In some ways, you know that I am right. We were built around military campaigns. But the military is not the reason Al Quaeda attacked us. It was a clash with their dogmatic fundamentalist beliefs that caused them to attack us. And for that reason, we will always need someone watching the gate, as it were.

The reason you can choose not to be a soldier is because we (as a nation) came to the conclusion that a conscript army was not compatible the type of service that we need. A conscript army is not practical for the U.S. because it NEEDS to be about freedom of choice. Drafted soldiers served with honor when we had them, but it was a sad time in our nations history when we needed them. I am sorry that the draft ever HAD to happen. So please, choose not to be a soldier. Feel free to choose anything that you want, because by exercising your rights, and voicing your opinion, you make the people that died for those rights mean something.

And I believe that you have every right to your opinion. I have strong feelings about the middle east as well. I just know that the problems over there are not solely military. They are religious. I think that when we stamp out religion, we will be much closer to pacifism.

And i wasn't so much offended at you as I was offended at your seconding what I felt was an attack on my job. I was angrier at TruthAddict than anything else.

No hard feelings on my end. Just know that I love my country and hate my job. That causes conflicts within me.
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