Art, Words and the Internet
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14-07-2011, 08:33 AM
Art, Words and the Internet
Hi all,

Quite by accident, I stumbled upon the wonderful work of a guy called Jonathan Harris.

He’s been making art out of the internet, and out of the words and images that we share on it. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone try and make ‘art’ out of our online consciousness, and I found it rather profound from an atheist standpoint. One of the big things that I’m often told is that ‘there will be no morals without Religion.’ It’s projects like WORDCOUNT that prove this theory wrong in real time.

So WORDCOUNT simply counts the top 88,000 words currently being typed into blogs and various social networking sites. It then ranks them in terms of usage. Obiously, “THE” is the most used word, followed by “OF”, then “AND”

But here’s what makes me excited, the English language is more secular now than it ever has been, this little application goes some way to proving that in a really elegant way.

The word “Science” comes 957th, whilst “Jesus” is down at 1845th.
“Love” at 384th, beats “hate” at 3107.
Bad news for the Evolutionary theorists – “Creation” 2138 beats “Evolution” at 3659.
“Athiest” at 24177 beats “Allah” at 27250
Finally and most bizarrely, “Yang” at 19828, absolutely thrashes poor old “Ying” at 58686.

The interesting by-product of all this counting, is that the words form semi-coherent sentences as they are listed in order. Have a look at the pictures below:

[Image: 67129781.jpg] [Image: 46733143.jpg]

Before the sticklers (Ranked 55952nd) get involved – it’s worth mentioning that the application has no interest in the context in which the words are used, just that the word is used.

Anyway, it made me smile. Another of his projects tracks when someone types "I feel" into a's kind of wonderful as well, you can see it here.


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14-07-2011, 03:05 PM
RE: Art, Words and the Internet
That's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

Our brains deceive us on a regular basis, so we have to find ways to fight back.
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15-07-2011, 10:20 AM
RE: Art, Words and the Internet
I like it a lot! Thanks.

"Never underestimate how narrow-minded, petty and stupid people can be". Mark Fulton, forum member
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