Artificial Heaven
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24-06-2017, 04:54 AM
Artificial Heaven
I'm using imagination to conceive 'heaven' that is built on advanced technology, architectural design and operates independently of the universe, defying the limits the physical nature has on humans, their design and civilisation in illustrated novels. Heaven that is entirely artificial and consists of worlds, cities and infrastructure interconnected through alternative systems of gravity, space and atomic structure.

Imagine that you're in it, you can be upside down throughout a building that has its own gravity and is floating.

I'm partly inspired by the idea of artificiality since it denotes human's fullest autonomy and freedom from the limits of nature - and defies uncertainties associated with natural disasters on Earth, Sun's nova and the inevitable collapse of the physical universe.

Fundamental questions occur: once the heaven is constructed, how will the descendants interact with natural universe - what is the potential and risk for natural universe to interfere with the artificial heaven? What are the spatial and existential relationships between heaven and natural universe? What is the locus of the heaven - how is it located - can it exist that transcends space-time?
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