Artist Corner.
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21-01-2012, 09:09 PM (This post was last modified: 21-01-2012 09:36 PM by LadyJane.)
Artist Corner.
I thought I'd start a thread on TTA for member's art if that's okay. Smile

Painting, sketching, sculpting, photography or whatever!

If you see someone's art you like, please respect international copyright laws and ask for permission for use.

I'm going to add some stuff in a bit. I hope others will share, too (HofC- gwenies? Smile ).
I removed my watermark (AKA signature) because I don't want to lead to my personal website (though techy people know how to get round that, I know) but anyway, PM me if you want to see that, it's a portraiture photog site if you're curious.

But, these are a select couple for now to share. I mainly do photography but dabble in drawing and painting too, which I'm not great at lol.

Some are low and some are high res because I'm too lazy right now besides throwing them up on photobucket. Meh.


[Image: fall2008247.jpg]

[Image: gatereye.jpg]

[Image: jellyfishsparkle.jpg]

[Image: ju08mac087.jpg]

[Image: velocity.jpg]


[Image: TofinoandBC09045.jpg]

[Image: MJ.jpg]

[Image: BCspring2007112BW.jpg]

drawing from years ago and a painting I made with my daughter.

[Image: ballerinasketch98bylaura.jpg]

[Image: painting1.jpg]
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21-01-2012, 10:25 PM
RE: Artist Corner.
[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]

God, visible in quantum mechanics. The original went into the trash.

[Image: th_ellen_10.jpg]

Man of Lawlessness, originally Dreamchild. The original was wrapped around the Book of Gwynnite and given to a Catholic to fulfill the prophecy of 2 Thessalonians and make me - Man of Lawlessness.

[Image: user19952_pic2728_1291414750.jpg]

Awaiting Copenhagen. A manipulation of a photograph; itself an image of artwork on the back of a shirt. Eighty-three hours of art over two years of life wearing the shirt.

The artist stands between god and creation; art is that which is done by the artist. Anybody else got a better definition? Oh, yeah, I'm an arrogant fuck; and especially on this topic. Why not? I despise my legal entitlement, John Cantor has achieved a limited notoriety; but ellenjanuary? That's straight witchcraft - creation from nothing - solely from the expectations from another. The arrogance arises from a critical past, from listening to people and their definitions; of what makes an artist, of what is art. What makes ellenjanuary? The past is irrelevant. The present is an illusion. The future is a function of will. Love of Gwyneth Paltrow makes ellenjanuary, or not at all; and from this I must contend that we are all artists.

To see beauty in the mundane; to invest the entropy of a mundane life in the creation of something beautiful. The artist is no more special than the rain.

living word
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22-01-2012, 11:23 AM
RE: Artist Corner.
I like her eyes.
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22-01-2012, 11:39 AM
RE: Artist Corner.
It's the look of love, and I'm blushing... Big Grin

living word
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22-01-2012, 05:20 PM
RE: Artist Corner.
Lady: I like the waterfall very much!!

HoC: I like the black and white painting a whole lot!!!

and now let's see if I find one or two pics to share:

Just a place near where I used to live:
[Image: weg.jpg]

Made that one on the computer:
[Image: einseins.jpg]

Captain Underpants
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22-01-2012, 09:09 PM (This post was last modified: 22-01-2012 09:12 PM by GirlyMan.)
RE: Artist Corner.
Nice, thought we already had one of these around here somewhere but nothing wrong with a little reinvigoration through repetition. Your photographs are beautiful, LadyJane. I like "Sleeping Feet" the best. Smile Girly ain't got an artistic bone in his body, but his offspring have some (must've come from their mother's side).

From Girly's 23 yo son:

[Image: peace.jpg]

From Girly's 20 yo daughter:

[Image: marley.jpg]

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22-01-2012, 11:27 PM
RE: Artist Corner.
What's that Girly? If ya can't do art, spawn artists? Tongue

[Image: th_sirius_a.jpg]

Sirius. What's serious? I'm seriously not drawing strange women. Big Grin

laurynwood right there; falling in love over the internet, I mean, asshole? Big Grin

[Image: th_vector1.jpg]

Vector morality. This thing right here - man, don't ever be saying "I wanna be an artist" unless you're ready to get this kinda spike growing outta yer head. I used to care about what people think, in regards to "being an artist, or being a quality artist;" no more. That live-wire madness of creation - artist - and this monsterpiece ain't going in no museum, it's going to Worcester to make heaven on earth for my Gwynnies. Yikes. Just shoot me...

[Image: ellenjanuary1.jpg]

Fifteen minutes... with a Wacon rather than a ballpoint, but there's the asshole. Wink

It must have been some kind of jealousy in my deviantArt days; photographers getting all the props and traditionalists like me getting ignored and shit... while it's dang cool, go somewhere and pick up a rock off the ground and draw shit and impress the chicks; it's actually all about that "rusty wire in the brain." To require equipment, to express with precision and training? That just means you're refined. ellen is ape-man primitive. I used to think that was the only way "to be something in life," people telling me I should do art for money, make something of myself...

Just in case there's some "starting-out artist" in the crowd; that's all you, baby. You don't owe anybody anything; you weren't "given a talent you must pay for," you were given sight. And if you give your sight to the world, expect the world to see what they want to see, and don't let them make you into anything you don't wanna be.

There you go. I made something of myself. Tongue

living word
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22-01-2012, 11:50 PM
RE: Artist Corner.
(22-01-2012 11:27 PM)houseofcantor Wrote:  There you go. I made something of myself. Tongue

There you go. Smile

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23-01-2012, 12:18 AM
RE: Artist Corner.
Ooo Leela, I love the one on the computer. Does it have a name?

Girlyman, how did your kids make those? They have a similar style.

HofC- charging for art can taint things. I once submitted a photograph in a contest and it was so near and dear to my heart that I hated they didn't chose it. Not that I think I am the best or that it was technically perfect, but I was (surprisingly to myself) so in love and attached to it that I felt horrible for sharing it with the world the way I did. Sad
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23-01-2012, 01:39 AM
RE: Artist Corner.
Ya know, Lady Jane? You the artist. Wink

I learned some good shit in the joint. The first thing was; I draw a portrait/five hours/five bucks/done. It gets to be business; I prolly never would have got over my "artistic purity" if it wasn't for having clientele in volume. It becomes supply and demand; I found out I could roll after all. Even better, I was telling these clients (you know, dangerous felons Wink ) that they hadda wait when it was time to draw a Gwynnie. The five buck special was like top shit on the yard, but the Gwynnies were obviously something more; some peeps would want that... hundred bucks, half up front. that killed the want. Wink

Then there was the envelope. You know, Aryan Brotherhood? The top dog and a coupla his lieutenants were out in the yard; I stroll by, and the shotcaller calls me over. Wanted a quick flower or something on this letter to his girl. Fifteen minutes with the ballpoint that time, I sketched the crew... here's the "ruling elite," all wide-eyed wonder looking at ellenjanuary like god, and shit. Big Grin

That's my ego, permanently satisfied. I used to be an arrogant fool, now I'm just an asshole; but I've been there. Guy's name was Sam. I told him the heart with the inscribed ln stood for ellenjanuary, my name. Nothing else was said. I cannot imagine being "more proud of myself" with headlining a gallery show in Manhattan; it would be a memory and wealth, I don't need. Wink

I got a coupla hours of internet time for one of my Gwynnies. Guy must not have recognized her from the sketch, for when he saw me surfing the net and checking her out; it became obvious he couldn't stand her. That one was ballpoint - but over a hundred hours - and it still makes me smile, thinking he traded his "valuable" goods for my "worthless" service. Yay Gwynnies!

And since I'm rolling in the neck, here's some maybe arrogance, maybe something else. Got this LC thing going on, you know "prophet of god?" There was this point where it seemed it was, get it, do the job, get out; without anybody knowing shit got jobbed, yeah? And me and my suicidal nature, I did the job, I was thinking, why not end? And the LC goes, sure, but who will tell the parable of the hundred Gwynnies?

All the Gwynnies I gave away in the joint. Colored pencils on file folders, in the hands of cons; don't really expect there to be any Gwynnies around... unless, of course, I'm a prophet of god. I felt like I was sharing a tear with van Gogh, one day, sitting in my chair... that to be known as the Living Word of Gwynnite could make the hundred Gwynnies the most valuable collection of art in existence.

Disgusting. Big Grin

But that's just insanity - drawing Gwyneth is so far down the street and around the corner it has become science - there ain't nothing wrong with doing art for money; just gotta separate it, is my advice.

For myself, I love being ellenjanuary. I don't know if I'll ever be some kinda "name;" it is possible just because "I live/art occurs" that kinda thing, but these stories, these memories, this life? I feel like king fool at the bottom of the heap, with nothing to prove; but with the wisdom to share...

Being an artist is one thing, having a Gwynnie thing - that is a life of madness - it is actually a rational assessment that all them Gwynnies led to seeing god - yeah, you don't wanna go there...

Unless of course you do; in which case crazy ol' ellen, is your cautionary tale. Wink

living word
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