"As I Die Lying" By Scott Nicholson
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12-03-2013, 11:55 AM (This post was last modified: 12-03-2013 12:06 PM by Peanut.)
"As I Die Lying" By Scott Nicholson
(This was intended to be my first post of the day, but then I discovered a death in the family and got distracted.)

I woke up thinking of the book and how much I loved it. I also wanted to send the link of the book description to a friend because I knew he would appreciate the story. I picked up my Kindle and went to the title. I then went to see if I could find my review on Amazon. It kept bringing me to a book by the same author, but it was called Kiss me or Die. (DAFUQ?)
I did some more digging and found a few links regarding the author and the book as well as this 'new' mystery book.


I saw that "someone" posted that it was "the worst novel ever written." Okay, not everyone will be impressed with a particular author, but "worst novel ever written?" I must politely disagree. Well, I kept searching and when I went to the link that I posted above, I saw that the person describing As I Die Lying was none other than the AUTHOR HIMSELF!

I reeled from the shock. He goes on to say that he decided to change the cover art and the whole name of the novel. Needless to say, I got pretty pissed. (I finally saw the original cover art and found it to be less than impressive and it was lacking the beautiful imagery as described in the Story.)

An author should always stick with their original work. They should NOT let a few bad reviews make them change their story. I am now grappling with repurchasing the 'new' book titled Kiss me or Die because I'm literally scared that he ALSO changed elements of the original story. I WILL cry if that is the case.

Here's the original book description for As I Die Lying that made me NEED to purchase the book:

Richard Coldiron’s unauthorized autobiography follows his metafictional
journey through a troubled childhood, where he meets his invisible
friend, his other invisible friend...and then some who aren’t so

There’s Mister Milktoast, the protective punster; Little Hitler, who
leers from the shadows; Loverboy, the lusty bastard; and Bookworm, who
is thoughtful, introspective, and determined to solve the riddle of
Richard’s disintegration into either madness or genius, and of course
only makes things worse. They reside in the various rooms of his skull, a
place known as the Bone House, and take turns rearranging the
furniture. As Richard works on his autobiography, his minor characters
struggle with their various redemptive arcs.

Richard keeps his cool despite the voices in his head, but he’s about to
get a new tenant: the Insider, a malevolent soul-hopping spirit that
may or may not be born from Richard’s nightmares and demands a
co-writing credit and a little bit of foot-kissing dark worship.

Now Richard doesn’t know which voice to trust. The book’s been rejected
117 times. The people he loves keep turning up dead. And here comes the
woman of his dreams.

It was a beautifully written, dark novel written from the mind of a disturbed individual. It is one of my favorite books. (I will mention I rated it many months ago 4 stars out of 5. That was simply because the author gave such magnificent detail almost all the way through the book, but then I remember the book coming to the end and thought to myself, "That was a little non-climactic...)

"It was life, often unsatisfying, frequently cruel, usually boring, sometimes beautiful, once in awhile exhilarating." -Stephen King
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