As atheist.. What keeps you going?
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27-07-2013, 05:10 PM (This post was last modified: 27-07-2013 05:18 PM by Luminon.)
RE: As atheist.. What keeps you going?
(24-07-2013 07:49 PM)Niko Wrote:  Greetings.

My name is Nikolai and I'm a Danish 17-year-old student.
I never really thought much about things like religion, spirituality, the afterlife etc. until around a year ago when I started on a technical school.

I found it interesting from the very beginning that at this technical school (Can't be more precise, it translates directly to "Higher technical examination" and is something you can attend after 10 years of mandatory, regular school) that it seemed like all of my classmates and teachers, with very few exceptions, just took it as a given that God didn't exist.

Now this got me thinking and got me researching, and especially these last few months I've been thinking a lot about life.

I am positive that no God exist. I accept other people believe in God, so long as they only do good in his name, and not things like "homosexuals burn in hell" and other drivel of similar sort.

I kind of believe that there could be some sort of unexplainable "power" that I imagine is somewhat like a guardian angel. Kind of just looking out for us, as humans, keeping us out of too much trouble, but in all honesty, I think I'm just subconsciously frightened of the thought of death. Logically it just seems naive to me to even think that there is some kind of "power" I just mentioned.

So my question is.. Are you scared of death? I assume it's natural that if you think the afterlife is nothing but worm-food, the thought of dying could be frightening. How can you accept it? Do you ever, like me, have sleepless nights of these kind of thoughts? What do you tell yourself to motivate you if/when you think about this?

Don't know if anyone out there will read this or answer to it, but either way, it's been nice to get it off my chest.
Hi Niko. It's good that you think about such things. Here you'll get the most reasonable atheistic opinions you can find. However, that's not all. For good measure I'll throw mine in. Technically, I do not believe in omnipotent God. I'm not sure what this god term means, except in broadest notions possible, stuff like pantheism.

I know many people who "found god". And they're not necessarily Christian, they just went through this experience, this feeling that someone loves them, went around in ecstasy for days or weeks, felt like that something sees all their personal faults, yet still loves them... And it changed their life profoundly. Many of them joined Christianity just for that reason. Bad idea, if you ask me, it doesn't resemble biblical god all that much. But I got lucky too, in the same way and more. There's more to it, it can get more technical about the body and nerve system, but that would be a long story. But I know that some people just get into mystical states of consciousness regardless of beliefs and it is not drug related or caused by mental disease, nothing like that.

Considering that the mystical practices work for me, I don't fear death, but I can't join the atheist crowd in their very reasonable assumption that death is like switching the light off or sleeping without dreams and without waking. My experience is, it doesn't quite work that way, there's a lot more to human life than just biology. It feels to me like the human body has some "backups" made of the invisible stuff that most of the universe is made of. Living with such a weird feelings, that apparently shaped many religious traditions of the world, really prevents me from taking death too seriously.
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27-07-2013, 05:54 PM
RE: As atheist.. What keeps you going?
What keeps me going as an Atheist? ......


Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -- Voltaire
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27-07-2013, 06:17 PM
RE: As atheist.. What keeps you going?
There is a wonderful old Chi-Lites song "The Man and The Woman" which contains the line "If man never died how could everybody live" (may not be exact I had to listen to the song again and could not find it written down anywhere).

I, you and all here are part of trying to see if sentient beings can populate a world and not fuck things up. That is all we are and all we should care about. We like every living thing are faced with dying. Even Bristle Cone Pines (the oldest living things on earth) eventually die. We live and then we die. It is what happens in the in between that is important.

To those who mentioned alzhemier's and bad deaths I will say this. I came very close to killing my own mother when she was deep in dementia. All of her siblings that lived past a certain age also were killed by dementia. I have instructed my children to leave me in a remote part of the Sierra's when it is my time. I am afraid they will chicken out like I did.

Death is and will always be a part of life. Live, it is a lot more fun than the opposite.

And, finally I do not fear death. I may fear the possible process but damn I have had a good time living.
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