Asia Bibi
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19-03-2015, 05:49 AM
Asia Bibi
19 Mar 2015 — While Asia Bibi waits in prison for her Supreme Court trial the Mayor of Paris has awarded Asia Honorary Citizenship.

The statement released said “To support her in her fight against ignorance and obscurantism, Anne Hildago wishes that Paris raises Asia Bibi to the level of honorary citizen, a rare distinction granted to the world’s most emblematic defenders of human rights". In December Asia Bibi's picture was unveiled in the City centre to show the City's support for Asia and her family. The Mayor said “We must support Asia Bibi, because women in all regions of the world are the first victims of an order which theocrats, who twist the messages of all religions, try to impose.”

Paris wait to welcome Asia and her family as soon as her sentence has been overturned. Though this is good news Asia's fate still depends on the Supreme Court in Pakistan. Asia has been on death row for five years and her husband and five children remain on the run.

Let's all continue to put pressure on the Government of Pakistan to overturn Asia Bibi's sentence and reunite her with her family.
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