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21-01-2014, 10:06 AM (This post was last modified: 21-01-2014 10:28 AM by Raptor Jesus.)
RE: Ask a Mormon
(21-01-2014 06:36 AM)WitchSabrina Wrote:  
(20-01-2014 10:22 PM)EvolutionKills Wrote:  Depends. Are you going to start waxing poetic and making claims to knowledge about the state of the universe, ultimately resting all such claims on your personal revelation, then either refusing or being unable to distinguish how you determine the difference between your own voices in your head and those put there by Odin?

If that's the case, you might want to get your warhammer out and start smiting unbelievers; in which case I humbly suggest you start with Alla first. I am but a modest skeptic, she on the other hand is an infidel; professing faith in a false god... Tongue


And that smiting business is a hateful one if you ask me. Smite someone then claim love? Naaaa Odin's smarter than that.

Odin is the 'All-Father', he loves and cares for us all. He would smite no one, except for evil frost giants which he promised to removed for all the land.

[Image: Ice+GIants+.+Promises+have+been+kept_db7b54_3792537.jpg]

Checkmate, Jesus!

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