Ask a Muslim [split from introductions]
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23-04-2012, 01:39 PM
RE: Ask a Muslim [split from introductions]
I am skeptical about asking you, Mullah, and getting an honest answer. I'm not saying you would deceive on purpose, but there does seem to be a witholding of explanation on religious matters to non-Islamic people from members of the Islamic faith. Over and over I hear the phrase "religion of peace", but that is clearly not the case when Muslims are offended. The call for Salman Rushdie's death for writing a fiction novel, the threats on journalists and then on all Dutch citizens for reprinting cartoon images of Mohammed, and many more incidents are evidence to the contrary. It has been very clear to many that outsiders don't hear a complete message, and Muslims are quick to deny, twist, or marginalize facts about the Quran when asked sensitive questions.

But despite all that, I do have a question. Regarding the right to freedom of speech: Why do you think the Islamic faith gets a pass on open ridicule for the ideas it professes, or its dogma that followers adhere to? And, do you think Islam should be an open subject of free speech as much as any other without the speakers feeling afraid or stigmatized as insensitive?
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