Ask a Muslim [split from introductions]
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27-04-2012, 05:57 PM (This post was last modified: 27-04-2012 06:01 PM by Internet Mullah.)
RE: Ask a Muslim [split from introductions]
Dom, ShirubaDangan, and everyone else, in case if you guys didn't know this, I would just like to inform you that the Islamic laws would not apply to you if you're not a Muslim, even if you're living in a Muslim country. Also, to re-emphasize what I said earlier, the main reason behind the stoning law is to protect society and relationships from the insecurity caused by those who commit adultery by simply deterring the commission of such a crime. Under the Shariah, the benefit of the society is more important the benefit of an individual, hence a stricter code of law is implemented on certain actions of individuals that are deemed harmful to society, so that they happen less frequently in the future. This is an idea that is similar to the prison system. For example, the philosophical basis of secular law is not punishment, but reform. Prisons were initially created with the Christian Puritan notion that if people were isolated from the rest of society, and forced to reflect upon their crimes, they would emerge reformed individuals who are no longer a threat to society. This method would also prevent others from committing crimes as well - i.e. as a means of deterrent - although it is pretty much ineffective in that sense, in my opinion. Similarly, that is the same idea that applies to the reason behind Islamic laws against certain crimes such as adultery and murder, for example, the only difference being that they are more strict and severe. That being said, I'm going to take a break from this whole stoning/adultery discussion for now and I will come back to it later (when I reply to some of the related questions).

Mr. Woof, what you are referring to as "clitorectomy" and oftentimes "killing the child" is not what is done to Muslim females. According to my knowledge, there is no sacred law in Islam that tells us to remove the entire clitoris of a women and thus deprive them of one of the primary mechanisms for sexual stimulation. Rather, what some is done some Muslim females (not all) is that only a minute amount of skin is removed from the clitoral hood, not the entire thing. This is not mutilation, but circumcision. Mutilation has a serious connotation to it. Circumcision, on the other hand, is not something that is harmful to the woman or to her ability to derive sexual pleasure. Also, most Muslim scholars do not consider this practice as compulsory. Circumcision is only compulsory for males, while for females, it is optional. Some think it is recommended according to certain hadiths. But, even those hadiths say that what is slowed is merely a slight 'trimming' of the tip of the clitoral hood. And this is not even practiced in most Islamic countries (i.e. female circumcision). In some parts in Egypt, however, there are women who cut off their entire clitoris, also known as infibulation, or Pharaonic circumcision, and it has been practiced longer than any existing records can show. But, again, such a practice has no authority in Islam.

Mark Fulton, I know that I'm going to be criticized for my beliefs because this as an atheist forum, and I'm okay with being criticized, so don't worry about that. Secondly, concerning your description of Muhammad's charcter, I do not actually agree with you, but I am not offended either, because you are just giving your own honest opinion and I appreciate that. So, thank you for your post. And no, I didn't pick up my bat and ball and head home, nor am I organizing a good squad against you for saying those things. However, I'm going to address your post some time later because that is going to be a long topic and a controversial one. I knew that a discussion of Muhammad would eventually come up in this thread sooner or later.

In your post, some of the things you mentioned about Muhammad are that he was a man who was mentally ill, a tyrant, a pedophile, a warlord, power hungry, illiterate, megalomaniac, delusional and yet cunning, had multiple wives, and a few other things about him. I'm going to discuss each of those points in a separate post in this thread. But, while you're waiting for my reply, I would like you to check out some of the excellent biographies of Muhammad at the links below and then re-consider whether your opinions of Muhammad are well-supported or not:

The Life of Muhammad (by Ibn Ishaq)
Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources (by Martin Lings)
Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet (by Karen Armstrong)

NoahsFarce, I have seen the video and I will give my opinions on that in a later post. And thanks for posting that. I won't forget to reply. Smile

Lilith Pride, I will answer your questions at a later post also.
But, first, I'm going to post my replies to some of the questions that were posted days ago. Hopefully in a few hours from now.
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