Ask a Muslim [split from introductions]
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29-10-2012, 06:07 AM
RE: Ask a Muslim [split from introductions]
(29-10-2012 05:11 AM)daylightisabadthing Wrote:  Eid was a mess here. The Saudis don't escape to Bahrain as much now because of the ongoing protests (which are being ignored by the media) so they come to the UAE instead, driving like clueless, drunk fuckwits in the biggest 4x4 they could get. Then there's the actual animals;

The livestock markets and surrounding streets are clogged up with office workers trying to handle uncooperative goats and smaller sacrifices, if that's anything to go by, attempting kill the things must be chaos. The government is actually asking them not to consume animals they've killed at home because of the risk of contamination so the animal's pain during the amateur butchery is now completely pointless.

I think that's an interesting sight. Thank the god(s) most of the world has moved beyond it. But you can imagine what ancient Jerusalem was like, with the entire city built of the business of year round sacrificing to Yahweh with all those animals and everything it meant to keep that industry alive and going. It is one of my theory that THAT is why Yeshua ben Josef was executed when he attempted to disrupt it.

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