Ask a Muslim [split from introductions]
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10-01-2013, 01:58 AM
RE: Ask a Muslim [split from introductions]
(07-01-2013 08:41 AM)Bucky Ball Wrote:  You are doing rather badly here. You've disproven NOTHING. You have not even attempted ONE thing, other than assertions with no evidence. Maybe that crap flys where you come from. It does not work here, and EVERYONE can see you have refuted NOTHING I said, with a serious academic instance or fact.

Plenty of arguments there, buddy. So don't pretend as if I didn't attempt to refute anything. I've done it many times. And I just refuted each of the quotes from your garbage Christian apologetic sources one by one. I repeatedly explained to you how none of the quotes you posted prove that Allah is Sin or that He was a moon god, as you claim. If you still think that I am wrong, then I challenge you to demonstrate why you think that I am wrong, or tell me what other arguments you have that support your assertion that Sin is Allah. But don't even try to worm your way out of answering my strenuous rebuttals by simply saying that I refuted nothing. That is not going to work on me.

I have just proven to you that each of the quotes in your post are simply stating that: (A) Allah, in addition to other gods, was worshipped even in pre-Islamic times by various religious groups in Arabia, which I never denied; or (B) that there is archaeological evidence that people in Arabia used to worship moon gods (along with many other gods), which I never denied either.

However, none of the quotes (aside from Morey's) directly state that Allah was a moon good. It is only Morey who attempted to connect A and B in order to make it look as if Allah was the moon god, but there is no actual evidence for that. There is no evidence for that logically nor historically. He simply writes "Allah, the moon god" then blah blah blah. And the quotes from Encyclopedia of Religion, Encyclopedia of World Mythology, Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia of Islam, and all the other quotes in your post which speak about Allah - are simply supporting the case for A or B - but none of them refer to Allah as a moon god aside for Morey's quotes. And not surprisingly, there is nothing in those quotes about the idea of Sin being turned into Allah.

Not to mention that I exposed and falsified your so-called "incontrovertible proof" that Sin is Allah, completely, which you weren't able to refute, either.

I'll be waiting for your response to all this, but no hurry, take your time.
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