Astronomy as a path to atheism
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30-09-2016, 08:00 AM
RE: Astronomy as a path to atheism
(23-09-2016 08:31 PM)gking3n10 Wrote:  To me, we are such a small and insignificant part of the huge universe and the Bible tells us very clearly we cannot comprehend the thinking of God. The universe is so vast, some have estimated that even all the sands of the Earth do not number to the size of the universe. What makes us think we can understand God?
The very enormity of the universe, for me, is an argument against, not for, creation by a god. How can you believe that any individual being could possibly be able to create something so vast all by itself? Consider I don't need to comprehend the thinking of any god to comprehend that. (Plus there is no god, so no thinking either, so there's that.)
(23-09-2016 08:31 PM)gking3n10 Wrote:  There is no other explanation that science can prove has yet completely proved.

(23-09-2016 08:31 PM)gking3n10 Wrote:  I am sure Genesis was written in terms we could understand a few thousand years ago and even today it seems consistent in terms of sequence of events and archaeology has so far proven the Bible history s correct. God explained it to Job in chapters 27-->. Read to understand.
Either you haven't studied Genesis very much or you haven't studied science very much (or both) because they certainly are not consistent. Read it yourself. As for archeology, evidence is overwhelmingly to the contrary. The Bible was written while real history was happening so, yes, some things coincide because parts of reality were woven into the stories. But there are many pivotal elements that do not coincide with the correct time-frames or do not have any evidence for them at all.

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