Atheism’s 10 Commandments
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23-12-2014, 09:53 PM
RE: Atheism’s 10 Commandments
I'd prefer 10 suggestions..
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24-12-2014, 07:02 AM
RE: Atheism’s 10 Commandments
I was pretty deeply disappointed by the redundant and inane list that was published out of this exercise. Some thoughts.
1. Your society has given you great benefits. Give benefits back to society and work to build and maintain the society you want to live in.
2. Individual rights are as important as collective rights. Build a society where you would be prepared to live your life as any member within it, not knowing which you will be beforehand... including those least well suited to participating in the society.
3. Future generations have given you much, give as much to the next generation. Live sustainably. Build upon and pass on knowledge, prosperity, and resources.
4. Be informed, and think critically. Consider most carefully new information that agrees with your beliefs, lest you accept it uncritically. Consider most carefully your deepest held beliefs, lest you fail to dislodge false ideas. Be aware of your own cognitive biases.
5. Give others a little benefit of the doubt. We are wired to give ourselves latitude for our own sins, while judging others more harshly. Be aware of this cognitive bias and correct for it. (aka Be excellent to each other)
6. Enjoy what this life brings to you, for you may not find another waiting when you perish. (aka Party on dudes)

Give me your argument in the form of a published paper, and then we can start to talk.
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