Atheism: Ignorance on "the old and new covenant"
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24-11-2015, 02:51 PM
RE: Atheism: Ignorance on "the old and new covenant"
(24-11-2015 10:43 AM)RobbyPants Wrote:  
(24-11-2015 07:59 AM)unfogged Wrote:  No, it is that your answer was a non-answer. Person A did something that your god didn't like. Your god then caused bad things to happen to persons B, C, and D. That is immoral by any standard worth following. Your god is evil. The only good part is that there's no reason to believe it exists.

It's actually weirder than that.

The whole "marry your rapist" thing comes from a weird culture that doesn't value women who can't be married. The reason the woman is married to her rapist and the father paid the fine is because when a virgin is raped, she becomes worthless to the unmarried men. She won't get married, and her father is stuck with her.

It's really quite illustrative as to what those people really valued. The whole problem could have been fixed by God telling them "women are important, even if they aren't virgins or married" and been done with it... yet, he was suspiciously silent. The three (and only three) possible take-homes:
  • God doesn't care if people are raped.
  • God, too, doesn't value women who aren't virgins or married.
  • God doesn't exist.
The Christian/Jew/Muslim is stuck with one of those first two options.

Even India has a rape problem, but the idea of women being less important was rampant in all of antiquity. Even Apollo put a curse on Casandra for rebuffing his advances, and Ajax her rapist was depicted as a war hero.

Divinity and brawn when humans didn't know about evolution lead men to falsely think they were better. Brawn is only one aspect of evolution, you still need women to be the other half of the DNA and women certainly have proved throughout history they are more than capable of being leaders, breadwinners and even warriors.

The Abram three were the most notable in their books of myth to portray the dominance of the male. Women in those books were property, or at best props to make the male characters look good.

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