Atheism and Spiritualism
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06-08-2013, 08:33 AM
RE: Atheism and Spiritualism
(08-05-2013 12:51 PM)Egor Wrote:  The only way you can be an atheist and still hold any non-material beliefs is to be dishonest to the implications of what you believe.

To be an atheist, you cannot believe in any kind of spiritual realm. You must only believe in the physical material realm. If there is no Divinity, of any kind, then there can be no spiritual realm. If we have souls, but there is no God, then we become God; we become the soul and consciousness of the universe, that's pantheism. That's not atheism.

If you believe in any kind of psychic phenomena, you cannot be an atheist, because psychic phenomena requires a consciousness that is not produced by the brain but is external to the brain. If consciousness is external to the brain, then it doesn't die with the body. That consciousness we call a soul or spirit, and again, you end up with either pantheism or some kind of monism.

If you are going to be an honest atheist, you have to believe that the universe arose for no reason at all, that chaos underlies all causation, that we are merely evolved matter that accidently has a feeling of consciousness as a result of the neuronal activity of the brain.

For twenty years, I have been trying to explain the implications of atheism to atheists, but they don't get it. Most atheists I talk to still cling to Christian morality, a sense of purpose, and a great deal of faith (i.e., believing that science will one day explain consciousness). They also are very dogmatic and fundamentalistic.

A real atheist, a true atheist, is a sad creature indeed. I have only seen what a real atheist would be like when I examine the mentally ill. I have seen individuals so disabled that they no longer have a sense of humor, they grab at their food, all their thoughts are a confused jumble, they don't take care of their hygeine, they pace in the hallways as if they are going somewhere, they have no social skills whatsoever, and they do things like stare at an ice machine or a door for hours, sometimes just holding a styrofoam cup halfway to their mouths as if they had lost all reason to either continue drinking or to stop drinking.

I'm not saying that atheists are chronic psychotics. Obviously they are not. What I'm saying is that if they were to really embrace the implications of atheism, that's what they would end up acting like.

Most atheists are just atheists against the major religions. They still have a God--they just think they are that God. They work out their fear of death not be believing they will live after they die, but by believing they are all that exists in the first place. Most atheists are have a lot of faith.


thank you, egor, for your insight
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