Atheism and the Conversion Factors
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15-03-2016, 02:53 PM
RE: Atheism and the Conversion Factors
(15-03-2016 01:39 PM)5senses Wrote:  The working part is the wavefunctions and it is invisible and undetectable.
Like something that doesnt exist? Or like magic?

Quote:The other part is the output or the measurement/observation.
Nonsense. This sentense does.not.make.sense. Output is not (equal to) measurement. What are you even trying to say?

Quote: It is deterministic, nonlocal, and always detectable.
Please rephrase without the cool science buzzwords, so that everybody can understand what you actually wanna say.

Quote: The odd thing about this quantum computer is that the wavefunctions always collapses into one of our 5 senses.
Quantum woo!
Please formulate the "quantum theory", which is the base of the effect just described by you.

Quote:Thus the output always select the branch of the wavefunctions that is chosen. Who or what chooses the chosen branch? The histories of the cat, of me, of nature/environment, and the tool we use to see,smell,touch,taste, and hear.
Can i have a Joghurt dressing with my word salad please?

Quote:So everywhere you look, touch, taste, smell, and smell you ultimately collapse the wavefunctions. The perception is a constant denial of the wavefunctions and entanglement itself. But the internal working but invisible quantum computer is the wavefunctions and entanglement and duality.
More quantum woo!!!
Please explain entanglement in your own words.

Quote:You can see the path in which the hand travel and stop live. That is one way to collapses the wavefunctions.
No, its a demonstration of the fundamental electromagnetic force which effects charged baryons and leptons. A demonstration how strong it is compared to gravitation.

Quote: You can feel the travel and stop live. That is another way to collapses the wavefunctions.
Even more quantum woo. Are you obsessed with collapsing wavefunctions? If yes, educate yourself about them please, but dont fabulate.
If you already do know what a wavefunction is, please explain in your own words.

Quote: You can hear the hand travel and stop. That is another way to collapses the wavefunctions.
Another collapsing wavefunction? Or -more likely- a simple acoustic phenomenon?

Quote: So in order to realize the internal working of a wavefunctions you must go beyond your senses, the world of the invisible.
Please explain "internal working of a wavefunction".

Quote: It is possible that the work is just a mere speculation.
Unlike your whole post, physical work is never a speculation. Either you have done work, then it can be measured and quantified, or you didnt.

Quote:This is where the FORCE /f=ma in Newtonian physic is said to be equivalent to the wavefunctions.
Says who and where? Citation and demonstration please. Please explain what newtonian physics has to do with wavefunctions (quantum, collapsing ones?).

Quote: Thus if you have force and motions you have a wavefunctions.
No you dont, unless you utterly mix up macro scale waves /oscillations with quantum level wavefuntions. Are you?

Quote: A robot that constantly do work without any sense of pain and tiredness and feeling is a robot that creates wavefunctions.
Ok, this time ill take vinegar based dressing for my word salad.

Quote: For example if you teach a robot arm to pick up a wafer or do welding you will collapses a wavefunctions to get the positions or coordinates.
Please stop abusing wavefunctions. What have those poor little wavefunctions done to you?

Quote: In other words you collapses the wavefunctions or make a measurement to get the positions for the robot.

What a bloody agony, i tell ya.

Now, for the underlying *problem* of your post:

Do you know that (collapsing) wavefunctions in general and quantum physics in particular only apply at (sub)atomar scales?

Are you aware of the fact that applying quantum physics at very large scales like you did, only demonstrates one, and only one thing?: Your complete and utter ignorance of the topic at hand.
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21-03-2016, 04:11 PM
RE: Atheism and the Conversion Factors
Ok l will start talking about what it means to detect. Lets start with a wooden chop stick. A wooden chop stick alone by itself cannot detect anything. So it is not a detector. But it could be a detector if I hold it with my bare hand. If I am blind l can use it to detect my way around. The chop stick here is not the only detector, it's connected to others detectors such as the cells receptors in my hand. And continue to the brain. A wooden chop stick is part of a nervous system as far as the sense of touch is concerned. You can connect the tip of the chop stick to smaller objects and still detect as long as you amplify the signal. You can go as small as one electron or one photon as long as you can amplify. The collapse of the wavefunctions into a particle in one location means simply that. A single bleep that you are feeling or hearing or a single flash.
What else can a single wooden chop stick do if I hold it? Well beside acting like a detector it can act as a switch. I can use a wooden chop stick to turn on and off a light switch. Well the switching start from my brain. My brain cells synapses turn on and off to move my hand. My hand acting like a switch switches the wooden chop stick up and down. The wooden chop stick acting like a switch switches the light switch on and off. The switches and switching can be continue down to microscopic scale. The force and motions of switching or doing work creates wavefunctions. There is no way to know a single switch is on or off state until a method of detection is perform live. For example there is no way to know a single synapse in my brain is on or off without using a method of detection. To know that you need a doctor to place a metal probe on one of the synapse. Notice that the motions of the doctor hand and the probe has nothing to do with detection. It has to do with force, work, and making wavefunctions. The probe is acting like a switch while it travel to its target. But as soon as it hit the target/synapse it will detect the exact state of the synapse live. Thus it immediately act like a detector. Anything that said TRAVELING without anyone see, taste, touch, smell , and or hear it. It act like a logic switch and it is making wavefunctions and doing work.
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