Atheist Funeral
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26-02-2012, 02:47 PM (This post was last modified: 26-02-2012 02:53 PM by Dom.)
RE: Atheist Funeral
(26-02-2012 01:16 PM)le_procyon Wrote:  I want to give my body to science. I will be dead anyways, what does it matter for me what happens to my body? The only way something good can come out of my death is if somebody, some doctor or whoever, used it for experiments or education. So go ahead and have fun with it, I won't mind it.

Although, as I always say, I believe that, by the time I'm old enough to die, we'll be able to transfer our minds or thoughts to a cybernetic body, so I don't plan to die anytime soon Tongue

You'd have to grow a new, totally identical brain for your cybernetic body and know how to capture the energy that escapes from your body as you pass. Or how to energize that brain. Without an identical brain you won't be you. I doubt we will invent something that does away with the need of a brain to create thoughts anytome soon...
If you guys have wives or life partners and/or children - you really need to take care of the funeral stuff.

I am sooo glad my husband took care of that well ahead of time, I don't know how I would have managed.

The only thing left to me was to pick out an urn, which I did online and then I sent someone to the funeral home to arrange for things. That way I was protected from the sick sales spiels that go on at funeral homes. That stuff is worse than religion, they twist the minds of people when people are extremely vulnerable.

My husband opted for no ceremonies, period. His point was, why should people spend all kinds of money to travel long distance to a ceremony where everyone is unhappy? Let them spend the money on a night on the town and toast to him.

Makes sense to me. I was glad not to have to play hostess and listen to dribble for days on end.

[Image: dobie.png]Science is the process we've designed to be responsible for generating our best guess as to what the fuck is going on. Girly Man
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26-02-2012, 03:03 PM (This post was last modified: 26-02-2012 03:10 PM by le_procyon.)
RE: Atheist Funeral
There are, in theory, other ways to 'replicate' the brain, but that's not the point of the topic anyways, I was just making a joke. Maybe if there's a topic on that we could discuss it some more, but it's beside the point.

Back on topic, if I'd have to choose some other way other than donating my body to science, I'd like to be buried in the ground without the coffin or anything, so that I could at least be useful as a fertilizer for the plants or whatever Big Grin

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27-02-2012, 02:29 PM
RE: Atheist Funeral
(26-02-2012 09:42 AM)Erxomai Wrote:  Why the taxidermist and Halloween? Don't you already do this on a daily basis anyway?

It means I can continue it long after I have died. Plus Halloween has the right kind of atmosphere to give it the right kind of impact. Tongue

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