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Atheist Record for the Ages
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01-07-2014, 07:38 AM (This post was last modified: 01-07-2014 07:46 AM by GawDamn.)
Atheist Record for the Ages
There is a "Golden Record" aboard NASA's Voyagers 1 and 2 spacecraft (http://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/spacecraft/goldenrec.html), which is a kind of time capsule intended to communicate a story of our world to extraterrestrials.

For some time I've been thinking that, similarly, a digital record could well be of interest to the people of future generations, especially after everyone in the world has finally discarded all belief in gods. I'm calling it the "Atheist Record for the Ages".

It would be a list of a mere fraction of the millions of individual atheists who, during the twentieth century and the first decades of the twenty-first century, utilized reason and critical thinking in examining the evidence of the day to come to logical conclusions about our world. Those who would like their name to be on that list would simply submit a request.

And who among us wouldn't like to be recognized as a forebearer in the use of logic and reason that maps to reality in agreement with the conclusions of those in the future based on even more advanced scientific evidence?

So, I've put together a web page that I invite you to see at http://bit.ly/atheist_record . For now, it's on my own domain; hopefully this idea will catch on, and maybe in the future, someone might be willing to host the page at a popular atheist domain.

Also, if enough interest is shown, I'd like to also create a list on the same page for atheist organizations that would like to be listed.

I am aware that there would likely be issues with safety and privacy of people on such a list. I've included a cautionary advisory on the web page concerning possible risk of adding one's name to this public record. Anyone who requests putting their name on the record would need to disclose no more than their name, and country where they live. I've entered my name, location, and date as the first entry in the record.

A personalized, printable certificate has also been created that will be presented (via email) as a 'hard copy' expression of appreciation, and confirmation of a person's name being added to the record.

And before you ask, yes, I'm also aware of the idiot pastor who wanted to begin an 'atheist registry', and I've read the many disturbing comments from other people who liked the idea. I think, if done right, this atheist record won't be of much interest to the fanatically religious.

I will end this message by demonstrating some measure of personal credibility. I am the creator of the Facebook page for at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quabacook...008706799.

I welcome any comments and suggestions, and offers to assist me with this project.

"We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly."
~ Aristotle
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