Atheist parents and Santa Clause
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18-11-2015, 05:51 PM
RE: Atheist parents and Santa Clause
(18-11-2015 12:09 PM)Ash Wrote:  
(18-11-2015 11:07 AM)Stark Raving Wrote:  Perhaps. But reality instills a different kind of endless wonder. One that children can carry into adulthood. Who needs to believe the world is filled with magic when there's an entire universe of awesome that actually exists? Santa is fun and all, but fairy tales should not be where your kids are getting their creativity from. Imagination and creativity should come from things like art and play.

Why not?

Why shouldn't kids have their imaginations stretched by things that aren't grounded in reality? I mean the reality is that your kid isn't going to ever be President of the United States. Most likely they're going to end up with mountains of college debt, working a job they either hate or not getting paid enough to pay off that debt.

Yuppers. In fact the reality that my kid would never be president was a point I made with her as a lesson. I also used NBA basketball player as an example. We discussed why, and she learned that just because some things aren't possible doesn't mean the world isn't STILL filled with wonder.

My point is, kids don't need their imagination stretched by things that aren't grounded in reality. Reality is already well beyond our comprehension sometimes! I mean shit...I'm fine with the Santa thing. As long as a kid is encouraged to think, they'll enjoy Santa, then outgrow him with no harm done. But it just doesn't need to be that way. My kid grew up with Santa because the people all around her take part in Christmas, and her taking part in family tradition strengthened her familial bonds and strengthened her social skills. She didn't have Santa to excercise her imagination. Heck, Santa is boring as fuck compared to dinosaurs!! Thumbsup

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