Atheist parents and Santa Clause
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02-12-2010, 12:02 PM
RE: Atheist parents and Santa Clause
I remember I was in first grade when this mean boy named Christopher told the whole class, there was no such thing as Santa. I was shocked! How dare he say that! Watch when he doesn't get any presents for not believing.

Ahhh, youth. But really, isn't God just Santa for adults? He knows when you've been bad or good, he knows when your awake, he rewards good and punishes bad and he travels the whole world on Christs birthday dolling out the judgment, delivering gifts or lumps of coal. (Hades anyone?)
The only real thing that distinguishes God from Santa is that God doesn't fly at rapid speed downwind from 12 female Reindeer asses all night long. (Does have their antlers during the winter. Buck Reindeer lose them during the winter and they regrow in time for the rut in the spring.)

[Image: 24.gif]
You gotta love the patience of Mrs. Santa when she does the laundry on December 26th. Tongue
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13-12-2010, 05:17 PM
RE: Atheist parents and Santa Clause
If the parents are atheist that does not mean that they would not let their children believe in Santa Clause. If they does not believe in it its there matter of belief but this does not affect the children's way of thinking. I have seen many families who does not believe in God but still they make their children got to temple and choose their own belief
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01-01-2011, 08:30 AM (This post was last modified: 01-01-2011 08:33 AM by Observer.)
RE: Atheist parents and Santa Clause
Glad someone brought this up. i was to embarrassed to ask.

Some cultural background: In Belgium and holland: we don't get the chrismassy Santa. we have a roman catholic saint called Sint-Niklaas who comes on 6 of dec. The legend goes that he saved children from being eaten. on the night saint Nicolas comes you go to sleep and at the morning theres toys, chocolate and marzipan figurines everywhere.

my own experiences:
as i child i got downstairs at night because i hear my mother and older sister (9 years older) still talking in the living room. "if you are not going to go to bed saint Nicolas is not going to come" Dodgy come to think about it as an adult now, that WAS quite funny. At that moment it wasn't.

Got into an argument once with another kid. "saint Nicolas is your parents" My argument: Ive asked them (i did) and they said it was real. they would NEVER EVER lie to me Dodgy. Damn people... you can't imagine how frustrated I am thinking about that quote nowadays.

Asked mom once "how come there are so many saint nicolases around at the same time (at the mall, at the bakery, at school, at my fathers work); her answer. Those are people dressed up as the good holy man to help him. The real one comes to your fathers work every year. That sounded plausible. He DID have a much more convincing outfit (and a real beard! Big Grin)

While watching a program on TV (can't remember my age) i saw what happened with the letters to the saint posted officially in the mail. That's how i found out. HuhSadAngry

I'm still frustrated! Why? I was a very inquisitive kid, asking questions to mom and asking the same question to dad or one of their friends later to have a double-check. (much to mom's frustration Blush ). I still think I should be told the truth on the first question or at least left an option!

Did my parents didn't love me? Were they totally brainwashing their son? No. I'm sure not. They where just doing what they thought was best. And being raised by nuns (mom) an a real religious mother (dad) they thought blind believes where the best for a kid. (they've changed now I'm sure Confused)

As for myself: I am going to be a father in march. I will tell my child it gets presents from a holy man. But on inquisitive questions i will ask: What do you think and why? From there on it's on to her to decide whether she wants to further believe or not. Once she knows, it we can go BOTH to the shop and by her a saint Nicolas gift and drink hot-cacao afterwards.

This is going to be great!!


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