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Atheists; Gun Rights Acknowledgement
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12-08-2012, 08:55 PM
Brick Atheists; Gun Rights Acknowledgement
Evil_monster Kill the infidels, you hear this from a group of any faith at times. I almost forecast a religious war considering my surrounding, because we find it odd to see the religious ones joining arms. You get two transitional options, which one is deadly and wages war or the United States will regulate and manage the transition in a sociable matter. How can our motto remain In God We Trust though... no care for the ones of no religion but are we not American citizens? We the non believers consist of the most outside thinking? The honest view point is this is all anxiety and paranoia discussion, but I hope it to be a peaceful transition or will it be a war of Religion & Science.

Take a look, do you or anyone else see a fight? You have the billions of religious worshipers who would wage on the non believers.... How far has society evolved? The first United States president to recognize non believers is President Obama. I find his inauguration as a country leader trying to easily spoon feed others that there is no god.

This is all just me Hobo being nuts. The main question! Do you support gun rights? Do you have a limitation?

The fish who keeps on swimming is the first to chill upstream.
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