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Atheists; Gun Rights Acknowledgement
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14-08-2012, 08:57 AM
RE: Atheists; Gun Rights Acknowledgement
The pro-gun arguments are probably the stupidest, most worthless, bullshit arguments a person can force out of their asshole and throw against a wall.

You really need to stop tricking yourself into thinking there is any reason behind having guns, or better yet, a reason for supporting gun ownership, other than people, most likely yourself specifically, liking guns. It's as simple as you liking guns and wanting to own them. It's a selfish desire like gambling, shopping for shit you don't need, doing drugs, cutting your wrists, getting a boob job, etc. It really only comes down to the desire of someone to own a device designed to inflict damage and end life, period. The power/feeling gained through ownership of a device that opens the possibility for you to blow something's head clean off if given the chance.

I had to vote no, because I don't support people owning guns, especially as a right. It's not because I care if people own guns, because I really don't care if they do, but on the other hand, I really don't care if people get shot to death or kill themselves either. I just can't say I support that. Also, I don't really think those two things (caring if/supporting people own guns and caring if/supporting people get shot) are separable. Guns aren't really made as limited, rare collectors items. Your Walmart 9mm isn't really a Babe Ruth signed baseball that you can get upset about if the kids take it to the sandlot. You would have to have some nerve to tell someone they couldn't use something for what it was designed to do, while at the same time supporting and/or encouraging the ownership of said item.

I think it's funny when people conveniently forget that, in general, guns are made to kill things, and in some instances, they are designed specifically for killing human beings, then start making arguments.

You can really start telling that people are on a needless search for justification when they bring up things like car, knife, etc. deaths. I need to start remembering that automatic weapons, that were made for killing, are statistically superior, so I can start driving my fucking tank to work and using my AK-47 for buttering my toast and cutting up fruits and vegetables. That way I can cut down on accidents.

The 'I need a gun because I might need, more like want, to use it' argument (commonly self-defense) is fine until you, again, go trying to needlessly justify it. When someone is trying to make an argument and support policies to prevent people from being shot, it's not, at all, good to argue for increasing the probability of, and/or opportunity for, people being shot. In that situation, just don't act like you have an argument, because you are just playing a wolf with a sheep's outfit half zipped up in the back. You could very well like the idea of being able to kill someone who comes into your house uninvited, being the superhero to the villain that threatens a Batman movie, or trying to overthrow the government and kill politicians that disagree with you, but using that to try to argue that you should have the right to own a gun is stupid. The solution to one idiot with a gun, will never be two idiots with guns. Concede the argument if you have to do so, but at least be honest with everyone and especially yourself.

You want guns, because you like guns. You don't think guns should be taken away, regulated, etc. because you fundamentally disagree with the idea of people in a society telling other people what they can and can't do. That, or you selfishly, hypocritically cherry-picked that fundamental position for guns. Probably the latter.

Pro-gun people have to keep in mind that they are in the same boat as any other right-wing, or religious, bullshit idea, and they need to stop acting like they have an explanation for why God exists and Jesus is him/his son. The majority of the people on the left are approaching the problem in the same way they approach all problems. They are sitting down as intelligent, rational, thinking individuals. When they do so on the issue of guns, they come to the conclusion that as intelligent, highly civilized, modern, rational beings, that their practical uses for guns are ranging from little to none. This could be ignoring how others feel, but it's not like all of them are for anything but ideologically limiting the ownership/usage of guns to the bare minimum. Very few of the anti-gun people want to, in reality, completely do away with the rights of average citizens to own guns. At least it's a lot less than you would assume given the polarization on the pro-gun side.

I really think the pro-gun group needs to just adopt the same approach as the rest of the camp and stop trying to use rationale and logic. God exists because faith, homosexuality and abortion should not be allowed in society because of God, other groups of people are inferior because they are/look different, and guns should be allowed because blowing someone's head clean off would make my day. Just keep it what it is.

The Paradox Of Fools And Wise Men:
“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser men so full of doubts.” ― Bertrand Russell
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