Atheists: MiniConfirmation is like spiritual paedophilia
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02-04-2012, 04:05 PM (This post was last modified: 02-04-2012 04:14 PM by Erikjust.)
Atheists: MiniConfirmation is like spiritual paedophilia
I´ll put the original link to the article here for anyone who wants to read it in its original language.

Here is the translated version of it (since i don´t have word installed on this new computer i will have to use Google Translate and correct any spelling mistakes to the best of my abilities, so sorry in advance if the text isn´t that good)
Quote:Schools are abusing their authority when they distribute leaflets about the churches mini confirmation.

That is the opinion of Atheist society

The association has launched a campaign targeting school board members, principals and teachers to prevent school hands out leaflets on the mini confirmation of 3 grade students at churches everywhere.

"Unfortunately, many schools are helping to expand the national church's message and gave its missionaries access to school children," said Chairman of the Atheistic Society Jakob Heidelberg, who knows numerous examples that schools are responsible for handing out registration forms.

Like spiritual pedophilia
"It's bad enough that students in the 13-14-years old, thanks to pressure from church, school, parents and friends can be confirm. It is much worse when the church in cahoots with each school utilizes the smallest pupils uncritical authoritarianism to indoctrinate them under false pretenses. Mini Confirmation compare favorably with the "spiritual pedophilia", "it said.

Jakob Heidelberg believes that children who are aged 8-10 years, is unable to comprehend "the priest's hidden agenda."

"It is really an assault on children, that one begins to dominate them with religion before they have developed a critical consciousness."

Will be picked up at school
The so-called mini-confirmation, which is also called baptismal training was a practice that began in 1987. It is aimed at children in third class, and was introduced in 1994 as a permanent, voluntary scheme, so that all congregations to offer the parish 8-10-year-old children in lemonade, teddy bear game and biblical narratives in the church premises.

In most cases, children are picked up at school in a bus, and in some places they are also driven back again afterwards.

According to Jakob Heidelberg sends a special signal when the registration forms from the school.

"It works differently on children when it's your teachers who are responsible for distributing the material from the local church, for it is done with the authority of teachers," says Jakob Heidelberg.

He notes also know that schools do not direct quotes from other religions about "religious imprints."
Well that´s the article i would like to hear your opinion about it?

(oh an just so we´re clear i didn´t write this all i did was copy and translate the original article nothing more)
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