Atheists Poach the Pulpit
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27-08-2012, 07:41 PM
Atheists Poach the Pulpit
"As his wife slept, he fumbled through the darkness for his laptop. After a few quick searches with the terms “pastor” and “atheist,” he discovered that a cottage industry of atheist outreach groups had grown up in the past few years. Within days, he joined an online network called the Clergy Project, created for clerics who no longer believe in God and want to communicate anonymously through a secure Web site. "
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27-08-2012, 09:16 PM (This post was last modified: 28-08-2012 01:12 PM by Bucky Ball.)
RE: Atheists Poach the Pulpit
Poaching the pulpit, is practically perverse, if pontifically placed. Perhaps punching pious Protestant preachers potentially prevents poaching, (and promotes praise),
but prevention is practically poison to perverts in power, as the pulpit provides present position, as proven in the past.
Pressure from poised pastors would stop peeing in public pulpits, but passing the plate prevents parental participation, which could be possibly predicted,
and provides parity in parking places, as well as primarily promotes prayer. The pawns in the pews part only with pennies,
if the puppet in the pulpit pops pretty poisonous pills.
However if the Pope provides poor punters and powerful priests, pounding the pavement ensues.

Perhaps on Pentecost, new positions will be posted, for people to preview. However, the professed will have preference, for positions in place, as they are presumed to be the more perfect persons, for placement, and promotion. If you think you have priority cuz you're a petite professional, perhaps, but pray, and you might, if you practice the part. However parsimoniousness prevails, and purity does not, so personnel will have to preview, to predict, and productivity, will be paramount, with the pulpit police.

Pops is planing to Portugal, with Patty, Pricilla, and Pam, So Bucky plans to press plastic plates with his personable palls, Patrick and Paul,
(partners in Pomona. whose neighbor is Ramona), and who prefer para sailing, in the Fall.
They prefer to picket the Pentagon, precisely when they practice popping into political parties, primarily at rallies.
Peering through the para scope at the Perseid's, they also pursue the pleasure of perusing the planets.
They proudly possess a pretend plantation, and are pleased to have a policy of principally planting peanuts and peas.
(They also raise poppies and pears.)
However this plan provides poor pods and a paucity of produce.
When that happens they sit by the pool under the palms, and proudly eat persimmons, and pastry, (providing they're properly prepared),
which is more provocative, than playing poker in the park, which is also more proper than punching a preening paranoid paparazzi.
(They serve small suppers, with several sterling silver serving spoons, where one can sit silent, or sing songs. It's a blast.
They prefer presents in purple packages, in which one may periodically puff poop.
How's that for a poem ?
Fooey you say.
Not to woowey.
It's my last.

Insufferable know-it-all.Einstein It is objectively immoral to kill innocent babies. Please stick to the guilty babies.
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