Atheists Targeting Nation With Godless Media Blitz
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08-03-2011, 06:34 AM
RE: Atheists Targeting Nation With Godless Media Blitz

(07-03-2011 10:18 PM)Ghost Wrote:  Second, as far as I'm concerned (and this isn't directed at you) the moment someone says "they did it why can't we?" they lose all their credibity. If someone says "what they did annoys me so I'm going to do that exact same thing" they lose my sympathy.

Well, I'm certain they were not looking for sympathy from you or anyone else so no real damage done on the second point. On the first point, as I said earlier, this is really not my style but I don't begrudge anyone who wants to push their message using the means at their disposal. I don't see why it makes them less credible. I think what does hurt their credibility in this particular instances is their denial that they are focusing on certain groups when it is fairly obvious they are. But, for groups who want to push their agenda using whatever medium is available to them, I say have at it if that's what floats your boat.

(07-03-2011 10:18 PM)Ghost Wrote:  Most importantly, the fact that it is hapening at all is a concern for me. It poses significant dangers that I would like to avoid.

What dangers specifically does it pose?

(07-03-2011 10:18 PM)Ghost Wrote:  I think there was something else I wanted to say but I've had a rough day. Me no focus no less better.

I think you wanted to say that you think I'm awesome and wish you could be more like me. It will come back to you after you're rested.

Oh, and I've agreed with you before and the world didn't end so I figured it would be safe to do so here.

I know I was born and I know that I'll die. The in between is mine.
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08-03-2011, 08:26 AM
RE: Atheists Targeting Nation With Godless Media Blitz
(07-03-2011 03:04 AM)13mentaculus Wrote:  Growing up in a Christian household in Houston, I never remember atheism, or the possibility that my Christian upbringing could be false, ever being acknowledged or addressed. These concepts were never mentioned, and they never really occurred to me.

Billboards like these help in terms of raw exposure. If nothing else, they prompt discussion.
Thank you for posting this personal point of view, recalling the environment of your former religious upbringing. I would say I experienced the very same thing. Atheism was never at issue, because faith was deemed an innate experience. Smile

Taught from the time I was 3 in some form or fashion, at first just by exposure to the rituals, the hardwiring set in to lead me to believe church, god, Jesus and all that emanated from those teachings were just as natural as all other things I was being taught so as to make me a viable member of this society.
As I grew older and began to explore other ideologies, beginning with Witchcraft, all I found on shelf at the local public library were the typical texts deeming it of the Devil. Which was reiterated by those in my families faith.
Billboards like those described in this atheism campaign are vital in providing an alternative point of view, to what is otherwise largely confined to a fundamentalist exclusivist ideology that seeks to corral the intellect of the faithful, using fear paradigms to dissuade inquiry elsewhere.
Someone who is devout isn't going to be dissuaded by a campaign their faith can allow them to believe is erroneous, of the devil and a certain method of insuring further damnation of those who believe the lies it affords.

While someone who doesn't feel they're satisfied in the faith they may hold now, are afforded the opportunity to know they're not alone. And let's not forget, not everyone who is atheist realizes it has a name. When they don't accept religious tenets, don't believe in any of that which predominates the landscape in America as churches, televangelism, billboards selling Christ, etc... they can feel alone and confused.

These campaigns provide an opportunity to bring those folks comfort as they realize while the majority community around them do hold faith, there's just as viable a one that doesn't. And proof of that is right there before their eyes and in print. Just follow the number 10 bus to downtown. Wink

And as the religious have enjoyed ad campaigns for decades in that, they do not hold an exclusive today. Which warrants the observation that many religious who heatedly object to atheist information resources rising in communities across the nation, do so because they're selfish about sharing ad space. As if a supreme being can be threatened by those who affirm; no, I don't think so!

After all, if atheists are wrong, it's of little matter given it's first up to god to believe in us. And if he's truly worthy of the job, that's not news to him.

Freedom of religion necessarily includes the right to be free of religion. Freedom of speech insures I can say that, just as proudly and boldly as certain of the religious feel they can presume I'm damned until they trespass and knock on my back door and ask if I'm not. That, in and of itself, is ballsy. In the face of that arrogance, atheist ad campaigns may be seen simply as rationalism's self defense. Wink
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