Atheists/agnostics - what made you leave religion?
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02-05-2012, 11:16 PM
Atheists/agnostics - what made you leave religion?
Forgive me if this is the wrong forum or if a thread like this already exists; it seemed like the most appropriate place for it (mods, feel free to move this to another board if it's not the right place)

As someone who was born and raised in a Christian family and later rejected religious teachings, I'm curious what convinced others to leave the religion they grew up with.

For myself, I'm not sure if I ever really believed in God to begin with. I kind of always had it on the same level as santa claus and the tooth fairy. I more or less just assumed that there was a God, who made the universe, and that was just how things were. (Admittedly, even today I'm not completely convinced there isn't a god, though I am convinced that Christianity and the bible are human fabrications.) What I think really made me stop and re-examine everything, though, was the garden of Eden.

I've always been a logical thinker, so when I really started to look at Adam and Eve, things just didn't add up. For one, if God was omnipotent, how did he not know that Adam and Eve would eat from the tree? And even if he didn't know - there's an interesting argument I've heard, though I don't know from where, that God can't see where humankind's free will can lead them, or something like that - why did he even make the tree to begin with? Why was the tree in the garden, where Adam and Eve could easily eat from it; if he was all-powerful, why not just make the garden sans tree and let everything be fine? Once I started on that line of logic, other things just stopped making sense. I never looked at the bible too closely, so I wasn't aware of the staggering number of inconsistencies, both with itself and with our moral standards, until much later, but it was enough to make me start questioning everything.

Still, even today I find it hard to completely reject the idea that there is no higher power in the universe. But if there is, I feel that such a being, for whatever reason, did not want to reveal itself to mankind, and instead seems content to leave us to our own devices. Perhaps a sort of "prime directive" thing. Or maybe this is just blatant wish-fulfillment on my part, who knows.
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