Atheists/agnostics - what made you leave religion?
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22-12-2012, 12:30 AM (This post was last modified: 22-12-2012 12:33 AM by Flowergurl.)
RE: Atheists/agnostics - what made you leave religion?
I always had doubts about the truth of the Bible as a teenager, but back then I thought that it was the devil. "The devil made me think that." The doubts subsided when I got involved in a lively Word church that sang great worship songs and taught deep messages.
Later last year, my sister told me that she is a lesbian (Her whole life, of course. She was born that way.) and I suddenly became very protective over her when Christians would speak of homosexuality in the way that they do. It also scared the hell out of me (haha) when my Mom chased me down the sidewalk one afternoon after learning that I was dating a Muslim at the time. She cried, yanked on my arm, and cast Satan out of me. It was so scary!!!
Combine that with countless people who have died while believing in God for their healing, being told that I have a demon on me by my own Pastor because I disagreed with the "Wives submit to your husbands doctrine", and just an overall observation of life and the world around me, I finally came to where I am now.
I have to admit - it is still a little scary to be transitioning into an agnostic person. But... I actually feel relieved. The worst part is having to keep it a secret from my parents and sister and cousins who are all Christian. I could never tell them. It would actually kill my parents. The way my mom reacted when my sister told her that she was a lesbian hints at how traumatized she would be if she thought I had "blasphemed the Holy Spirit." I couldn't do that to her or Dad.
I also don't think I can ever bring myself to vocally admit that I do not believe in God. But I would like to idenify myself as an agnostic.
Also, maybe this sounds odd, but it always freaked me out and blew my mind at the thought of living forever and ever and ever in Heaven. I used to think... do I even want that? What would we do to kill the time after 10 million years run out? I mean, it would be wonderful to be able to spend time with loved ones after death, but... forever?

Oh, and an even bigger relief is that there actually aren't billions of screaming people in agony in Hell somewhere.
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