Atheists... how do you respond? Morality due ONLY to God.
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26-03-2012, 08:29 AM
Atheists... how do you respond? Morality due ONLY to God.
Dear Former Religious Atheists,

Have you ever been hit with this ‘comeback’ when speaking
with the saved?

“Silly Atheist, the REASON you have morals, ethics and any
understanding between right and wrong is because YOU were raised that way in
the church early in life so it was programmed into you by God and his teachers. Also you parents
were Christians and their parents before them. You neighborhood and region was
god fearing so you were immersed in it, you could not escape it, so WITHOUT god
you’d be a (insert extreme depraved example here)”

It’s not that often, but when I get into what I think is a
fair debate (someone who genuinely wants to discuss this stuff…mistake number
one) and they run out of ‘ideas’ they’ll resort to this.

I am normally so astounded by the claim that it generally
leaves me somewhat speechless (hard to imagine). The stupidity of the argument
just floors me.

What I have began doing is quit making statements but start
asking questions (like I do here) about morality and where morality comes from.
Drawing comparisons to human morality and that of the OT god’s morality. They
generally create oddball circular arguments, like our beloved KC does, but it
almost always ends with them getting gruff, and hatefully saying something like
“You’ll see when you are roasting in hell”, which is when you KNOW the argument
is over.

Do you guys ever run into this line of reasoning about
morals and their origins?

What methods do you use to answer the sheeple?

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Atheists... how do you respond? Morality due ONLY to God. - Denicio - 26-03-2012 08:29 AM
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