Atheists wish Christians knew...
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21-02-2016, 04:33 AM (This post was last modified: 21-02-2016 04:42 AM by Glossophile.)
RE: Atheists wish Christians knew...
A bit long and obviously preaching to the choir, but for whatever they're worth, here are mine.

1) Faith is not a sound epistemology, because it offers no mechanism by which to differentiate true claims from false ones. Your subjective experience is just as valid as anyone else's unless you can appeal to something besides faith.

2) There is nothing just about Christian salvation, at least as it is presented in the most prototypical sects. The most compassionate and charitable non-believer is Hellbound no matter how much good he/she does, while the coldest and cruelest believer need only accept Jesus sometime before dying in order to get to Heaven. It's the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card. This is not an incentive to act virtuously. It's a license to act viciously.

3) Preventing you from oppressing others is not itself a form of oppression. When you're stripped of special privileges that you never should've had in the first place, we have a different word for that. We call it equality.

4) The United States is a Christian nation only in a demographic sense, not in any way that you want or claim it to be (e.g. legally or in terms of our ideological heritage). With every encroachment of Christian "values" into public policy, you pee on the Founding Fathers' graves.

5) The Bible was written by mere mortal men and compiled by committee. It is far from having earned the authority you attribute to it, and it certainly cannot be used to prove itself.

6) Wishing or hoping really hard for something to be true does not make it true, and neither does voting on it. Reality is not democratic.

7) Atheists are not all bitter nihilists with an ax to grind against God or theists. Many of us have actually been quite uplifted by our lack of belief.

8) The burden of proof is on you. Few atheists make the definite claim that God does not exist. Most of us simply believe that, while the existence of a deity cannot ultimately be ruled out, it has not been shown to be sufficiently probable to justify living our lives and perceiving the world under the assumption thereof.

9) Children can pray in American schools. It just has to be their personal choice to do so. Seriously, enough with the persecution complex. You're one of the most privileged groups in the US. See #3.

10) God should not be in the Pledge or on our currency. Imagine how you'd feel if your child had to recite, "One nation under Allah," and if you're honest with yourself, you'll realize just how hypocritical it is to say otherwise. Again, see #3.

BONUS) To all creationistsː the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and we are apes in the same way that lions are cats. Get over it.

The only sacred truth in science is that there are no sacred truths. – Carl Sagan
Sōla vēritās sancta in philosophiā nātūrālī est absentia vēritātum sanctārum.
Ἡ μόνη ἱερᾱ̀ ἀληθείᾱ ἐν φυσικῇ φιλοσοφίᾳ ἐστίν ἡ ἱερῶν ἀληθειῶν σπάνις.
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23-02-2016, 11:42 AM
RE: Atheists wish Christians knew...
Deeply appreciating all these answers. Thank you all.

Religion is proof that invisible men can obscure your vision.
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27-02-2016, 08:23 PM (This post was last modified: 27-02-2016 08:28 PM by SitaSky.)
RE: Atheists wish Christians knew...
I have a few ideas and I read through the post but sorry if I'm repeating anything from the forum or the blog.

Saying how much God loves us is waste of time, we know what love is and we all feel it everyday from real sources. You might as well tell us Captain Crunch loves us very much, it's nice but he's not real so why should I care?

If you have a story about a "miracle" that made you believe than you should also believe in aliens because many people have a story about being abducted that also can't be proven with hard facts (some actually have implants found in their bodies, video/audio, etc.). If you expect me to believe your divine intervention story than you need to accept their space visitors story, every single one of them.

Atheists have had to consider the idea of eternal oblivion a lot, it may have kept many of us up at night especially when we were young but eventually we accepted it. Yes it's scary to think nothing happens when we die. We would much rather think we go to a Heaven or perhaps get transported to the land of fairies to live in bliss and hang out with all the dogs we've had in our lives forever but there is no proof of that. We go to sleep every night and lose consciousness and it doesn't scare us, if death is similar than it's not so bad.

Many of us have read the Bible and concluded that even if Yahweh and Jesus were real they don't merit worship. Just being afraid to go against them is not enough reason to love them and devote our lives to their needs and wishes even if we do get rewarded in the end. It would mean going against our own morality and it's not worth it. Seriously, the God of your Bible is a psychopath and having his mortal son brutally murdered so we can be forgiven is morally repugnant and isn't anything worth celebrating.
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