Atrocious Fiction Books
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01-03-2015, 09:05 AM
RE: Atrocious Fiction Books
(28-10-2013 02:00 PM)Skeptic Gamer Wrote:  Lord of the Rings. Sorry folks, but 100 pages in and they still weren't out of the Shire. I couldn't take it anymore.


To be fair, I'm sure it's not "atrocious," but I just couldn't get into it. It was so damn boring.

I probably have not read enough bad fiction as I have played truly bad video games. So, take mine with a grain of salt.

I read the Doom novels as a teenager--you know, based on the Doom video games. I wasn't aware of it as a kid, but apparently they won awards--for their low quality.

Tolkien bashing coming from someone who reads Doom novels.. somehow not offended Tongue
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