Attitude towards the military?
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06-04-2013, 09:42 AM
RE: Attitude towards the military?
What does it mean to support the troops? Send them money? Cheer on rallies, shed tears when they return to families? Or does it just mean voting for right wing politicians?

I'd support the troops (whatever that means) if they were doing something worthwhile, like stopping people from acting out tribal feuds or nationalistic ambitions with modern weapons (or just machettes). There's really no other way but to storm the place with military force, take the guns from children, destroy the weapon storages and make an example of the brave leader. Anyone who starts a war must pay for it as a criminal immediately. If that was the job of American special units, to go in anywhere in the world overnight and snatch warlords out of bed, that would be nice. But they'd have to do it for the United Nations General Assembly.
Of course UN must also serve as a platform for negotiations and ensuring the deals get done.
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