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23-02-2013, 10:59 PM
RE: Awkward...
Tonight at dinner, my BF mom pointed to the screen behind him and said it looked like he had a halo. My son asked what a halo was. She told him it is what angels have atop their heads. He then looks to me, as if to confirm, and I gave an awkward smile and shrugged my shoulders... He just nodded. (It was a little quiet for a minute, but then the appetizers came and all was well.)

"It was life, often unsatisfying, frequently cruel, usually boring, sometimes beautiful, once in awhile exhilarating." -Stephen King
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23-02-2013, 11:33 PM
RE: Awkward...
Should have said it was a popular xbox first person shooter.
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24-02-2013, 12:52 AM
RE: Awkward...
I accompanied my mom to the grocery store recently and as I was walking through the meat isle; a 50-something guy with big Coke-bottle glasses kept staring at me. I happened to be wearing my shirt with the red "Atheism" symbol on it, and as I walked past him he pointed to my shirt and asked "Arlington football?" I just kind of looked at him, confused, and he asked "Is that for the Arlington junior football team?" I just laughed and said "Nope. Atheism." Then he went on some tangent about how he's always been a big fan of this Arlington junior football league and my shirt looks like the logo. So we laughed a bit and parted ways.

The really annoying part was that my mom had been watching us the whole time, and when I walked back over to her, she asked "What did he want?" I told her the whole thing about the football team and she said "Oh...I thought...well, nevermind." Naturally, I knew this had to be good, so I pressed her for it. She finally said "Well, he's kind of creepy and I thought that maybe he saw that you're an atheist too, so he wanted to...I don't whatever it is you people do together."


Turns out ol' momz thinks that we atheists have no morality; which obviously means that we have rampant and uncontrollable sexual desires and don't care who we fuck. She was horrified that some old fruit (who probably wasn't even gay to begin with) was propositioning me to go out to his truck and have some hot, sweaty, no-holds-barred, godless, heathenistic sex in the back seat. What the actual fuck, mom? Seriously. [Image: facepalm.gif]

Through profound pain comes profound knowledge.
Ridi, Pagliaccio, sul tuo amore infranto! Ridi del duol, che t'avvelena il cor!
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24-02-2013, 12:52 AM
RE: Awkward...
(07-02-2013 03:05 PM)blackwell Wrote:  My most awkward conversation about atheism was by far when i had to pick up my great uncle.
catholic priest
we should get rid of anyone who wasn't "properly god fearing."


So what was so 'great' about him?


I have had a few 'awkward' moments during classes but to be honest, I am often the cause of these.

Often, when discussing the difference between best practice 'frameworks' vs. 'standards' I will mention that frameworks are for guidance (suggested models that when adopted and adapted would / could help to improve effectiveness and efficiency) whereas standards are rules that need to be complied with (and contain words like should [i]and shall[/i]).

An obvious example of the latter are the 10 commandments but I will point out that there 613 rules in the bible and not all say 'thou shalt' or 'thou shalt not'.

If the group is a little bit too passive, I might throw out the following line which usually results in an awkward silence, the occasional gasp and then debate (amongst themselves).... at least it wakes them up:

"So, the Quran and the Bible... are they frameworks or standards?"


Probably the most awkwardness was evident when one student was talking about a recent survey in Singapore which amongst many other things had identified the proportion of Singaporeans who believed we were not descended from apes (those are the words the student used when relaying the tale but not, I think, the words of the survey).

I blurted out "Huh?!, We are apes!". Most people laughed, as intended, but one christian student couldn't handle that so I explained 'ape' was just a category and was the same idea as categorising IT incidents into e.g. hardware incidents or application incidents.

Next day he brought in a book his church had given him: The Greatest Hoax on Earth by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati.
I read (most of) it overnight and the next day gave a critique... lots of ad hom against Dawkins and interestingly the acknowledgement that 'speciation' was accepted by most churches. Which, tbh, I didn't realise they did.
We had a really good conversation about it and stuff like Original Sin over lunch when he admitted that he not read the book.

We finished the conversation with him saying he believed we are born in sin and me saying that I think I have more faith in humanity than he does. We both smiled and left it at that.

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