Baby Atheist
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07-07-2017, 06:09 PM
Baby Atheist
Anyone who has been a "Born Again Christian" know the term baby Christian. One common characteristic of a baby Christian is their enthusiasm for their new found faith and the desire to share it with others.

I was a "Born Again Christian" and know this feeling.

Now I am a Baby Atheist. At least in enthusiasm and the need to spread the news.

I post a lot on Facebook and maybe a handful of my FB friends are atheists. Most are Christian, most liberal Christians.

But Seth Andrews inspired me to start a FB thread about how illogical it is for an educated person to believe in God. Boy did that open a can of angry worms. My nephew-in-law was really upset (he is a liberal Catholic).

Interestingly, when I suggested how illogical it was for an educated person to believe in God, I immediately answered the question with my own experience. I am very bright and very educated, yet I still deeply believed for decades in an invisible deity.

I now know my belief was primarily supported by a strong emotional NEED to believe.

So, very recently, I quoted a rather harsh quote from Seth Andrews about faith, one key phrase being it was laziness. My highly educated loving former liberal Christian pastor who has been nothing but gentle to me for many years blew her gasket on FB with me. She said she was highly insulted by my comments.

Unlike the fundamentalist Baptist pastors I grew up with, my former liberal Christian pastor does not believe the Bible is the inerrant infallible Word of God. When I asked he only days ago what is the basis of her faith, she basically said in inner voice, a feeling. Yeah, right. I know that totally subjective feeling myself. i.e., each person believes whatever they want based on their own emotional needs. FYI, she does not believe in a literal Hell.

So, my conclusions?

Even though my FB posts confessed religious belief per se is not a problem, especially if it brings emotional comfort and does not interfere with other people's lives, I still had anger and resentment in my posts, a degree of ridicule toward believers.


In part, because of the emotional and psychological abuse I suffered in a fundamentalist church, especially their rigid condemnation of my homosexuality and my self defense need to destroy that belief system. But also, ironically, my envy of those still able to believe and secure the emotional comfort of such a belief. Yes, that dichotomy of so-called emotional comfort and psychological abuse, ie, like a battered spouse victim.

So, in the end (finally! LOL), I think I need to not attack those believers or beliefs who believe harmless things that bring them emotional comfort, but only those beliefs that are harmful and hateful.

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07-07-2017, 06:27 PM
RE: Baby Atheist
Just because a person believes in the irrational doesn't make them stupid. Ignorant maybe. Thou much of it dose have to do with emotional ties that not a reason to ridicule them. I recall the first few years when I deconverted, I didn't get any smarter.

Going after people also doesn't strengthen your position. It just makes you come across as a jerk.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Plato
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07-07-2017, 07:20 PM
RE: Baby Atheist
One great thing about being an atheist: there's no command to evangelize.

I understand you're feeling differently now. I don't discourage you to share your thinking, but holding back at this point is not the worst idea in the world. Give yourself some time to find an equilibrium.

Just think how annoying it can be when you're out to dinner somewhere and one of your companions has just recently gone gluten-free or vegan or Paleo or low-carb. Suddenly you get a 15-minute lecture about your mashed potatoes with bacon bits. Irritates you--especially if you saw them eat that same dish before--and it doesn't do a damn thing to put you off potatoes or bacon.
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07-07-2017, 07:26 PM
RE: Baby Atheist
(07-07-2017 06:09 PM)slw0606 Wrote:  Now I am a Baby Atheist. At least in enthusiasm and the need to spread the news.

I'm glad you were able to find your way out of fundamental Christianity. I think everyone is better without fundamentalism.

... but don't jump from one fundamentalist pot into another. People can and do fundamentalize their lifestyles, and atheism is no exception. Before you go "spreading the news," please bear in mind that doing this comes from a fundie mindset. My advice to you is to focus on deprogramming yourself and changing your mode of behavior rather than just re-purposing your Christian skill set to serve a new cause. Thumbsup

My strategy of ignoring my problems until they disappear never seems to work out for me. ...I'll try to get around to dealing with that in the near future.
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07-07-2017, 08:38 PM
RE: Baby Atheist
"Baby atheist." I really like that. That is a good way to put it. I think I'm a toddler.

Where are we going and why am I in this hand basket?
"Life is not all lovely thorns and singing vultures, you know." ~ Morticia Addams

"You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." Robin Williams
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