Bad Arguement
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12-03-2012, 12:40 PM
RE: Bad Arguement
(12-03-2012 12:11 PM)Democritus74 Wrote:  First off thank you to everyone for your input. I should explain the Aunt situation a little more detailed. This is my Mothers sister and the exwife of my Dad's brother. So she was a double aunt as weird as that is. Anyway she is extremist religious but a total hypocrite. I know this because I know how she acts in public and how she is in private. I have been around her and my cousins since I was a child growing up. All was fine when they thought I was a believer that just wasn't living a Christian life and going to church. So finally about 3 years ago I just told her that I was a Atheist and had been for a very long time. Well that sent out the bat shit crazy mission of hers to save my soul as she put it. She would quote scripture to me and I quoted it back and point out fact based evidence for why it is bullshit. Of course that didn't sway her which I knew it wouldn't but I was hoping she would finally give up on bugging the piss out of me about god. Nope I was so so so wrong. The breaking point was when she started talking to me about my youngest son. He is Autistic and the love of my life. She began to try to ask me if god making my son the way he was made me mad at god and that he was just a different form of another one of gods angels and that god had a plan for him to test my faith but to make it stronger. That his Autism was gods plan for wanting me to become a messenger of his word. Up until that point I didn't take it personal or get upset about debating her about religion or god. But that was the point when I lost it and told her exactly what I thought about her imaginary friend and how much bullshit it was. I told her to stay away from me and not talk to me that we just couldn't communicate if everything was gonna be about religion and I deleted her from my Facebook account to. Well that was over 6 months or so ago. My father passed away just a little over a month ago. She came to the service was polite and respectful and didn't start any shit. A few days after that she sent me another friend request on Facebook and like a fool thinking she would finally respect my views I excepted her. It didn't take long and right back to posting about god on my posts or wall she started again. So this is not even remotely her just being polite from not knowing how I feel about it. So I have just said piss on it I don't need that shit going on to cause problems with my home life. I just deleted her from my Facebook. As for my wife I do love her. I have two boys with her that are my life. My youngest one is Autistic. We have been together for almost 20 years. When I finally told her I was a nonbeliever we did have a argument about it but decided to just not make it a issue. I wouldn't try to change her mind or her mine. And I would say that 95% of the time it isn't a issue for us. But when it does come up if I can't find a neutral ground on a topic I will stick to my views. Which can lead to a argument. So as for my aunt I am just deleting her out of my life in any way I can. My wife well that is a road that has bridges on it that I will look at when I have to cross them as we go. If she was real religious it would be a bigger problem. She is one of those believers that grew up being told about god that hasn't read the bible or goes to church but still chooses to believe in a higher power called god. I sometimes think if I could get her to actually read the bible from start to finish she would see things a lot differently. But anyway thanks for the advice everyone. It is appreciated.

Reading the bible doesn't change everyone. Don't ever think you are going to change her mind (you probably are, but not in ways you probably think you are.. just like she's changing your mind.. it happens, we are human), because that will get you nowhere. As far as neutral ground on religion, there isn't much if you are saying it's BS and she's talking about BS.

... from what I can see you are doing fine. Just make sure you continue to talk to your wife about things. Yeah, some things will probably be little by little over time, don't worry too much about it especially since she's not uber-religious.

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