Bad Day
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25-05-2011, 10:14 PM
RE: Bad Day
I have to say I've continued to have relationship problems since I first posted this. Turns out she had some feelings for me as well. We were and currently are still both very confused but to save us both the confusion I've decided to move on. I asked a few other girls on dates and guess who started texting me again? It's funny how things work...

Although... I think I set a good tone and I think we can both go our separate ways on a good note. I'm not sure what will turn out of this relationship but the advice given here has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I have decided to do my best to stop letting my mind revolve around my feelings for her and to try to keep open to new and other things. I still don't think she'll ever know how much I cared for her but that's okay.

Even though I really really liked her, I have a hard time showing my emotions. I also need to get over some confidence issues so I can be the best man for a woman one day. She deserves better than how I treated her over the last month [I was pleasant and nice but had a hard time returning emotions because I was and am so confused].

I am doing my best to not resort to my monkey origins and resort to jealousy, anger, etc, etc, and I've done a pretty good job. I would like to say I took the high road on this one and we both deserved that. Whenever I felt like being passive aggressive or mean I would come back here and re read some of these responses to get a better grip on reality and to realize that it would be better to move on.

Thanks again for all the advice and I will continue to return to these posts when I have a rough day. Thanks for letting me vent.

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