Bad words is bad
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24-01-2012, 07:14 PM
RE: Bad words is bad
Bad words like evil? Wetback spic? Pedophilia?

Or bad words like coming over my house and talking smack about my Gwynnies?

Or bad words like calling another a racist? Like telling everybody...

Kingschosen just dropped the ball. Big Grin

It ain't "like morality;" it is morality. To solve for the zeroes of this equation, consider that offense cannot be given if offense is not taken. Cannot. Resident Evil, he's got an agenda to speak of giving offense; KC however needs more Bible Study.

Do not take the name of the lord in vain; why? Because that way, when I say jesus-fucking-christ; it means the critical point of the meltdown has been acheived. The proper response is to back the fuck away - or start swinging. Morality controls; what I cannot do is control hearing words. On the street, someone wants to talk smack about the Gwynnies; they are essentially depreciating my right to life, but I can walk around. To enter my house - a physical manifestation of my identity - and talk smack about my Gwynnies? That ain't "word," that's a declaration of war.

It is all about morality and identity. Angel

living word
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24-01-2012, 10:06 PM
RE: Bad words is bad
(23-01-2012 12:03 PM)Unreal Wrote:  Something I have always wondered and I would like other people's opinion on this. Who and/or when were "the bad" words, deemed "bad"? I'm obviously not gonna print them all out for several reasons, one is I'm new here and don't know where that line is so, I'm gonna let you use your imagination.

You can't say them because other people say they're bad, so... huh what?

What the fuck are you talking about?

The old gods are dead, let's invent some new ones before something really bad happens.
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25-01-2012, 12:06 AM
RE: Bad words is bad
This one's for you germanyt... though it's not mentioned in this skit... yes, in England, ciggies are "fags". And a "willy" is a ... well, I'm sure you'll get the picture. Wink

Also, in the UK fuck isn't all that intense... but let's talk about "shag" or dare I say "bloody"...uh... well, let's not go there. Shy Then of course there's "bollocks" -which is bullshit ... unless of course it's "the dogs bollocks" and then it's fan-fucking-tastic! Big Grin

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels. ~ Albert Einstein
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