Bait and switch using race to doge religion.
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25-03-2015, 09:04 AM
Bait and switch using race to doge religion.
I have seen every religion pull this. Muslims and Jews and Christians and Hindus and Buddhists especially. It is possible to be light toned and Buddhist. It is possible to have round eyes and white skin and Buddhist. It is possible to be light skin and Muslim. It is possible to be Korean and Christian. It is possible to be black and atheist.

There are former Muslims who are now atheists. There are former Christians who are now atheist. There are people who are born in and still live in India that don't even buy Hinduism that are now atheists. Not even "atheist" is a race.

Often you get the argument from oppression from any of these labels WORLDWIDE. They have no problem pointing at the transgressions of others and harm done to them, and the atheist while rightfully agreeing no one should be hurt over beliefs, cant even point to people who live there who have the same family backgrounds and facial features and skin tones who no longer buy the religion of the society they live under.

Race is used by every religion to protect the idea of religion itself. This is worldwide and easily negated by posting links of atheist groups that have worldwide backgrounds.......So here are some samples of atheists groups who come from all sorts of religions they left. (Israeli atheists)

Religion is poison, not in the context that it would be a reality to get rid of it completely on a planet of 7 billion. But it is the root cause of human division and by accepting that you can learn to manage divisions better in an imperfect world.

It is simply a call to not allow the CONCEPT itself to be used to distract humanity from the fact that we are the same species. Not even the word "atheist" is a race, it isn't even a political party or economic view.

Religion must be challenged, not to kill it, but to insure it be given no special claims to be a patent holder on our collective species. There still is only one species.

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