Baptism for the Dead
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23-02-2012, 05:05 PM
RE: Baptism for the Dead
Quote:Can you explain this idea about "becoming a god"? Doesn't it seem sort of narcissistic to believe that you can be a god? At the very least someone who focuses on becoming a god must suffer from megalomania.

I'm curious as to why/how this is part of the doctrine.

Also, as a god, are you ever as powerful as the god that created you?
To my limited understanding- it is a gift given to only the best of the best.. I mean come on.. eternity is going to be boring after a while.. I equate it as one epic video game.. getting to create your own world and rule it..

The whole being your own god was the final straw for me-- when we started to learn about this before school in seminary-- I brought up the bible verse that says something along the line of there only being one god and that there would only be one god.. in which the teacher shrugged her shoulders and I just got up and walked out.. I might have called them kooks on the way out ( and my aunt was the seminary teacher..oops) HA That was my freshman year of HS.. I was kicked out ( to my dad's - not onto the streets ) shortly after. I just couldn't pretend anymore.

To answer your other question. I THINK that you will never surpase your creator.. and when asked about this our creator is THE god.. as in this hasn't been going on over and over.. Very confusing and stupid to me.. Most active mormons don't even know about this--- its pretty far into the religion they don't teach it at Sunday school.

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