Basis of truth?
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30-03-2016, 04:43 PM
RE: Basis of truth?
(30-03-2016 01:02 AM)OddGamer Wrote:  Soooo... I'm arguing with someone on YouTube again. <waits for snickering to die down a little so the rest can be heard> We've gone into the basis of thinking what we do. It's the usual trope of "if naturalism/atheism is true, then your brain was formed to find food, not truth". with a dash of "you're stealing from my worldview" buuut... I've gone and gotten myself confused with it all again. Sadcryface2

He started with "How do you know your reasoning is valid?", then added in "You can't deny you have access to absolute knowledge because you're fallible and then go on and make knowledge claims about me or others."

I could repeat more of it if you think it'd help, but my head is spinning some 30+ comments into the conversation. I'm sure I'm screwing it up somewhere, I'm just not sure where.
All that is important is that within the discussion, that both of you can agree on some logic.
If you both agree for example that the law of non contradiction is valid then you both agree that something can't both be true and wrong at the same time.

You have this agreement in place and your conversation can then include this logic.

If you can't come to some agreement on simple things like this then there is no point having a conversation between both of you.
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