Bathing a cat?
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20-03-2017, 09:12 PM
RE: Bathing a cat?
I once had to give my cat Ludwig an emergency bath. He had knocked over a jar in the basement where I was soaking some paintbrushes, and he smelled of turpentine. Mass quantities of warm water and baby shampoo were involved, following by a towel-dry and as much hair dryer as I could get the poor sod to stand still for before he had had enough.

I'm sorry, but your beliefs are much too silly to take seriously. Got anything else we can discuss?
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21-03-2017, 08:36 PM
RE: Bathing a cat?
Cat wash - fun prank...

A woman that I used to date had a couple cats. One cat liked to sleep in the clothes piled on the door of her clothes dryer - which was in the basement.

While she was in the kitchen, I took a handheld game caller, and stuck it in a winter boot liner. I then started the caller on full volume playing "jackrabbit distress", threw it inside and started the dryer. The noise the caller makes is this horrible screeching wailing noise.. I then yelled up the stairway " what's wrong with your dryer??"

She about shit - thinking the cat was in the dryer, going for a fun ride...

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21-03-2017, 11:26 PM
RE: Bathing a cat?
(20-03-2017 06:53 PM)mustardseed Wrote:  I once read that the only reason to bath the common house cat is if you have allergies. Apparently, the allergen is the dander that is left behind when cats groom themselves i.e. dried saliva? Anyway we never bathed Delmar. We sent him off to college (hate that stupid rainbow bridge poem) about 6 mos ago. Still miss "the little shithead" as we affectionately referred to himSadcryface

Yep I had to bathe my forever kitty Spunky. Once I got was using Nair on my legs and he came into the bathroom and rubbed against me, so I had to pick him up and stark naked took him into the shower with me.

I didn't even think about it at the time, all I knew I had to get that crap off his fur. I wasn't really worried about his fur falling out, but I was afraid he'd lick it. After I read about the allergy thing, I did bathe him in the sink once a week. With me, he was fine...anyone else...OMG he was awful. The groomer wouldn't touch him.

As mean as that cat was, he was a baby in my arms. I was the only one could take him to the vet. Big red letters all over his chart. BITES. My husband was traumatized the only time he took him. He swore he didn't know our cat knew how to hiss or growl. He knew both and went wild against the defenseless vet who was just trying to examine him and give him his shots.

Now, the dog was fucking awful to bathe. First I had to hoist him into the tub and try like crazy to keep him from jumping out, which he'd try repeatedly, get him soaped up, rinsed and then dried...I was exhausted after the ordeal and he'd give me dirty looks and sit on my side of the sofa...

I'd have to shower after to get the dog smell off me. But he didn't bite...just lick...and if you said no, he'd do it more because no meant that to him.

I miss him sooooo much. Sadcryface

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