Because ppl in the past wanted to pay the debt, therefore it's moral. Logic.
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30-07-2015, 10:19 PM (This post was last modified: 31-07-2015 12:17 PM by Iamtiredforthatshit.)
Because ppl in the past wanted to pay the debt, therefore it's moral. Logic.
Do you think a well-educated theist(According to him, he has b.s. in accounting and a Masters in taxation) at least has a better point of view or can provide reasonable evidence? Well, in this case: No.
Basically, this man said these people were willingly to be slave because it could help them to pay their debt. Therefore, what the author,43Alley provides the verses: slave-owner is not guilty when the slave died next day from his punishment and the children isn't belong to the father after he is free; these examples are all moral because the culture is different and it has benefit like...well...I don't know, no more thieves according to him?
On the other hand, he made so many claim about how the bible is a fact, and tells me just google it. Mostly like the article mentioned about Jesus after he died half century but not the record from eyewitnesses, the many traditional stories of the flooding but without any geological evidences, the giant skeleton but mostly debunked and the ancient civilizations tries to make the (non)sense.
Seriously, when he said his responsibility only is giving some keywords to search but isn't provide any professional evidences to support his claim. I only can ask myself: Was that guy really graduate from university or college?Gasp
However, I don't really like the attitude of Gilberto Santiago, he keeps cursing that guy again and again. Though his point of view is right that the biblical slavery is slavery, trying to give the reason behind the biblical slavery doesn't change the fact that it's slavery. The more bad language he used only makes the conversation be worse.
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