Belief versus reality
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04-11-2017, 10:21 AM
RE: Belief versus reality
(04-11-2017 07:14 AM)Free Wrote:  "Since you already accept that the universe could be eternal, why can't an eternal God also exist?"

That's actually equivocating the word "eternal".

An "eternal universe" is a universe that always existed in a temporal environment, (and it could be possible), as Penrose proposes in "Cycles of Time". We don't know the conditions which gave rise to the Big Bang. We also know the laws of physics break down at a singularity (or seem to, from what we know of black holes), so anything we could propose about those conditions, would need verification/observations.

In theology, it is asserted the deity exists in a 'timeless" environment, (which is not what he was saying about the universe ... so apparently this "pastor" doesn't know much theology). The (undefined) assertion that a deity "exists" (also undefined in the environment proposed) in a timeless environment is meaningless. "Existence" without time, is not conceptually possible for us, (other than blanket special pleading) as there is no way to define something that "exists" without temporal references, (which theists do constantly), even though they just got done saying their god(s) are timeless and unchanging. There is no being that exists, that does not change.

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