Ben Carson's Calm Crazy
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14-10-2015, 08:16 AM
RE: Ben Carson's Calm Crazy
(14-10-2015 08:07 AM)kineo Wrote:  
(14-10-2015 08:04 AM)RobbyPants Wrote:  Those government hand outs he bitches about so much, now. Food stamps, Pell grants, affirmative action in enrollment, and free prescription glasses. The guy is only capable of running for president because of the same programs he now wants to dismantle.

The fucker just got to the top of the cliff and now is trying to cut the rope he just climbed.

Wait, is there any confirmation that he used those programs? I haven't heard that before.

Anyway, if that is the case, it wouldn't be any different than many right-wing leaders. They got theirs- fuck everyone else.

His mother did receive welfare help in his time as a Kid I believe, there isn't anything about that he denies.

It's much like last elections VP candidate Paul Ryan, who on the other hand didn't just admit but acknowledged how helped he and his mother were by his fathers pension & whatever specifics of aid that were given to him that helped him get to college but those were the exact types of scenarios his policy reform plan that he created would alter and lessen. At least Carson isn't anointed as some mastermind beyond some economic plan that would eliminate welfare.

There isn't a political benefit for Carson/Trump/Dems/whoever to admit "wrongness" in most situations in the current political climate. At least to a certain segment of voters, because showing that is weakness to certain groups at any point. So Trump and Carson aren't going to apologize not out of some self standing principal it may be spun as, but because it's political strategy.

"Allow there to be a spectrum in all that you see" - Neil Degrasse Tyson
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