Ben Stein and Comcast. Let's Organize!
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21-01-2010, 03:26 AM
Ben Stein and Comcast. Let's Organize!
This is a letter I sent to Comcast internet and Cable provider today.

Dear Comcast,

My name is Jason Andrews and I have been a Comcast customer for many
years. I know several of your technicians here in our city who have
always been friendly and effective in seeing to our needs when they
have arisen, though that has been infrequently. Because your company
has been so reliable and our service good, we have been pleased to make
recommendations to others for your services. I made a call today to pay
my internet bill and was rather surprised to hear Mr. Ben Stein’s voice
speaking for your company.

I know Mr. Stein has minor celebrity status for his commercials and dry
wit, that is indeed appealing to some, but Mr. Stein is passionately
devoted to a fanatical religious ideology which he speaks about often
in his off time. He has promoted his creationist views on many
platforms, using his aforementioned celebrity status to push these
beliefs at debates, non-secular religious events, and even a movie
speaking against well founded scientific principles because of his
particular religious views.

Being that he is a spokesperson, and I diametrically opposed to Mr.
Steins’ beliefs, I have spoken with my family and decided to write this
e-mail to request from your company that you no longer support Mr.
Stein as a spokesperson. To think that our money, spent for a service,
goes to Ben Stein’s pocket in any way is an affront to all we hold
dear. It is my hope that this complaint and request is seriously
considered and responded to personally, (a courtesy that would fall in
line with the excellent service I have come to expect) one way or the
other. I do understand that it is not possible for your company, who
has made an investment in Mr. Stein, to pull that investment based off
of one e-mail, so I shall endeavor to show you just how many people
I’ve spoken to on websites and blogs by encouraging them to contact you
also. We like your service, Comcast, and I don’t want to have to change
because of something like who your company uses as spokesperson.

Thank you for your time,

Jason Andrews

Ben Stein is a Huge Creationist. This actor, whose persona is often
depicted of dry, non-emotional intellectual is anything but. Ben Stein
is fanatical and is stirring up cases for teachers who don't "believe"
in Evolution and don't want to teach it, listing them as victims who
have their freedom of speech impaired.

I ask that anyone here that uses Comcast to send a letter to them at:

Let's give them a sign from our community that we don't want nor appreciate Ben Stein's fanaticism, or their endorsement of it.

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27-01-2010, 09:14 PM
RE: Ben Stein and Comcast. Let's Organize!
Man, I can never get up enough gumption to write one of these letters---I might try it.
I'm with you on religious fanatics endorsing products. It's bothersome enough that you have to hear politicians, athletes, and award recipients mention god every five minutes, but this guy is actually on a campaign to put "intelligent design" on the same footing with evolution as scientific theory in public school science classes. God theory and "design" theory are the exact opposite of how science works. No wonder people are confused about the word "theory". I don't know how much of the public is aware of that horrible anti-science movie this guy made, it didn't do too well. But he is a pretty vocal "intelligent design" theorist on the talking head shows. And Comcast is buying NBC isn't it? They're on the move.
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