Best Pranks
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01-04-2016, 03:28 PM
Best Pranks
Have you got a favorite you pulled for April Fools day or otherwise??


I'll tell one -- it's a bit long --- but I was member to it a couple times and really thought it was one of the best memories of being in the Coast Guard.


Radioactivity Drill

When I was in the US Coast Guard - I was a radioman and worked as one in a couple of different communications stations.

My last duty station was COMMSTA San Francisco / (call sign) NMC -- about 30 miles north of San Francisco on the PT Reyes National Seashore. A real pretty place, and a great duty station.

The receiver site were I worked was built "underground" -- that is, they basically buried it after it was built at ground level.

The entranceway led in two directions - to the left it went to admin spaces and the generator room - to the right it went to a hallway that had doors at both ends with the bathrooms in the hallway and couple of other doors to electronics spaces -- and at the far end was the door with a cipher lock to the secure area - where we worked manning the radios.

We'd tell a new guy who was just out of school that he'd have to help with "Radiation Management" on his first midwatch - so he could learn the stuff that they hadn't taught him in school.

In the back of the secure area was a room that contained the encryption equipment and a few other items -- one of which was a trunk -- that in fact contained the encryption keymats that were used with the encryption gear. (This was in the Pre-Walker era - and this gear was still classified Top Secret -- it was in fact the same exact gear that the Walker clan sold out the keymats to the Soviets).

We'd tell the new guy that there was low level radioactive stuff that was used in the encryption gear (totally bogus) --- and we had some magnetic placards with radioactive hazard insigna that we'd post all over the trunk.

We'd then make the guy put on the firefighting gear along with a guy who's in on the gag (of course EVERYONE really was).. We'd then make him put on a Scott Airpac --- which has a full face mask. We'd give him a tank with less than ten minutes air in it.....

The mark would then be told that the trunk contained all the radioactive shit, and had to be taken out to the back door for the NRC team to come in and collect --- BUT -- the trunk could NOT BE SET DOWN ON THE GROUND -- or it'd "melt down"... (the trunk sat on a bit of a podium kind of thing normally).....

Then, with all the gear on, the mark and the inside guy would pick up the trunk (which weighed about 60 lbs) - and proceed through the secure area --- and everyone else would be inside the operating booths --- with the sliding glass doors shut......

As soon as they got out into the hallway outside the secure area --- we'd pull the fire alarm --- which only sounded locally.................

Then - the inside guy would force the mark to hold the box --- and the inside guy would hit the cipher lock and re-enter the secure area -----

Leaving the mark -- in the hallway --- unable to open any doors (the unsecured end - the doors opened inward -- and we'd have conveniently locked all the other doors.

THere he'd stand -- holding the box --- usually kicking at the secure door -- frequently screaming -- sometimes crying -----

And then their air runs out..................

We'd take turns at the peephole, looking out......


When they finally drop, drop the box and claw off their mask -- we'd turn off the alarm, and open the door.........

They always got to be the guy who opened the door on the next hapless victim....



I'm a double atheist. I don't believe in your god or your politician.
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01-04-2016, 03:30 PM
RE: Best Pranks
dumbass duped


I'm a double atheist. I don't believe in your god or your politician.
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