Best argument against or for creationism?
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11-04-2013, 11:40 AM
RE: Best argument against or for creationism?
I've never seen or heard an argument for creationism, let alone a best argument for it.

Arguments are rational conclusions arrived at through the examination and testing of evidence. Creationists posit opinions which are based upon conclusions derived from scientific ignorance coupled with the fear of death.

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. - Chinese Proverb
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11-04-2013, 04:43 PM
RE: Best argument against or for creationism?
(08-04-2013 01:53 AM)Diogenes of Mayberry Wrote:  My best argument against:

The Genesis 1 version was plagiarized from the Sumerians. And this is what zealots are lobbying hard to teach their impressionable children, ancient pagan mythology. The irony is too delicious.

Enuma Elish
Even so, there are two seperate creation accounts with a differing order of events. One also is clearly inspired by the Egyptian creation myth of the primordial mound, imho.
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13-04-2013, 04:55 PM
RE: Best argument against or for creationism?
Debate about creation, its long but It's funny shit. Enjoy Big Grin

Originally Posted by Pim Pendergast
Questionable Origins

Continental drift theory was invented in 1912 by Alfred Wegener. The theory was regarded with skepticism for decades, as Wegener wasn’t even a qualified geologist. It was eventually rejected, tossed onto the scrapheap of other failed scientific theories like alchemical transmutation, in the late 1950’s in favor of plate tectonics, which also teaches that the continents drift.


Plate tectonicists believe all the earth’s continents were once joined together in a supercontinent called Pangaea. Here’s their proof:

All the continents fit perfectly together… if you distort their shapes and leave gaps in between them and put Antarctica north of Australia and turn Australia upside down and put India next to Africa and join Alaska onto Russia and separate Eurasia and Africa. This is called confirmation bias, making the evidence fit the conclusion.

If all the continents were once joined together, we would expect to see the same animals on every continent. Instead, we find kangaroos only in Australia and tigers only in Asia. This is exactly what we would expect if God had created life uniquely for each continent (and restored each continent’s unique life again after the Flood). But if the continents were once joined, there would have been nothing to prevent each kind of animal from spreading all over the earth.

Given that the earth is flat, how did Antarctica manage to break up and encircle the earth?

Earthquakes and Volcanos

In an attempt to remove God from the equation, plate tectonicists attribute earthquakes and volcanos to natural phenomena and not to God, as the Bible teaches. God used a volcanic eruption to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19:24-25). God used an earthquake to open the tombs of resurrected saints (Mat 27:51-54), and three days later the angel of the Lord caused an earthquake when moving the stone from the mouth of Jesus’ tomb (Mat 28:2). What are the odds that tectonic plates would collide at just the right moment?

You may have heard of the Ring of Fire. Scientists say the area is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions because it is where several tectonic plates meet. But if we look at the image below, we can see why God sends so many natural disasters to the region. You have catholics in South America, fags in San Francisco, commies in Russia and China, muslims in Indonesia and sheep shaggers in New Zealand.

The Bible tells us earthquakes will be more frequent in the Last Days (Mat 24:7; Mk 13:8; Lk 21:11), but plate tectonicists would have us believe the frequency of earthquakes is steady and may have decreased slightly. They are in denial. One day soon they will cry out for the mountains and rocks to fall on them (Rev 6:16).


Amos 4:13 tells us God formed the mountains. But in a silly attempt to deny the Biblical Creation account, secular scientists would have us believe mountains are created when tectonic plates collide. This also allows them to deny evidence for Noah’s Flood. Marine fossils have been discovered on mountaintops around the world, but plate tectonicists claim the fossils got there because land that was once under the ocean has been pushed up by the buckling of plates. How convenient!But I have a question you can't answer. If earthquakes are caused by colliding plates and mountains are created by colliding plates, why aren't mountains created every time there's an earthquake?

The Immovable Earth

The Bible tells us the earth is immovable (Ps 104:5). Continents don’t just float around and crash into each other. God causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. He created the mountains. The theory of plate tectonics is a direct attack on the Bible. There can be no such thing as a theistic plate tectonicist.

Plate tectonics is only a theory, and like any theory, it can be easily disproved. The Arctic ice cap is constantly drifting on the ocean, much like the tectonic plates are supposedly drifting on molten rock. You cannot build on the Arctic ice cap; it’s too unstable. If you thrust a stake into the ice, it won’t be in the same place the next day. Yet if you build a house on a continental landmass, it doesn’t drift around and eventually collapse or disappear. If you drive a stake into the ground, you know it will be in the same place the next day. The average plate tectonicist lives as if his theory isn’t true. He is a hypocrite. It’s time to stop the foolish denial. If you come to Christ, you will never have to live in hypocrisy.

My reply

As a geologist this is the funniest bunch of nonsense I have ever read, it's literally that amazing.
Ok, let's answer some of the unbelievable claims. easy and fun.

The earth we live on is made of a solid iron core, kept solid due to the pressure imposed onto it, then a mantle, made from Molten rock called magma, and a cooling crust, which will eventually cool and solidify completely but as of yet continues to cool. The crust is extremely thin, if the earth was the size of an apple then the crust would be thinner than the apple skin, because of this it is susceptible to cracks, called faults, there are many around the globe, and where you find weaknesses you will find mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes.

We shall start with Pangea and the animals, firstly it's all true, we live in World today where just 1% of the animals that have lived on the planet are still around with us today. Some animal became extinct through natural occurrences and some have been attributed to human intervention, but the geographic distribution of animal consists with Pangea. There were bears in the UK and lions in Europe, there still are lions in Asia as well as africa and the same goes to elephants, it all fits perfectly.

Volcanoes: there are two types, shield volcanoes and stratovolcanoes, they differ in their eruption power. As specified above they will be found along fault lines.

Earthquakes happen when two plates interact in opposing forces, often the plate edges will continue to push or slide against each other without movement on the surface as friction prevents it, as the pressure builds and builds the plate boundary becomes more unstable, then when the pressure imposed exceeds the energy that the friction can take the two plates jolt, causing a wave of energy, that makes it's way to the surface and releases that energy in the form of earthquakes.
There is another type called post glacial refraction.

Mountains, happen when the two opposing plates hit head on forcing the plates upward, they don't happen overnight, it takes tens and hundreds of thousands of years of persistent opposing force to create ranges.

The ice caps, and there's two of them, one in Greenland and the other in Antarctica, don't float as they're on land, it's in the the title people "cap" der.

Ring of fire is a joke, Catholics in South America? Even by creation this makes no sense, South Americans weren't catholic until the the Spanish invasion, which happened a few hundred years ago not 6 thousand years ago. Communism didnt exist, and that part of Russia is Siberia which is extremely sparsely populated, "god" would have been far more successful putting the faults the other side of the country, unless he's an idiot if course.

And your confusing hypothesis with theory, gravity is only a theory, but it exists, a theory is when something has been proven using extensive evidence from science, maths, geology and other subjects, 90% of murderers have been convicted through theories, as an investigator or prosecution rarely sees the crime actually take place, but instead uses evidence to support his theory, it's called "beyond all reasonable doubt" good enough to convict murderers, not good enough for you? Hypothesis is when, evidence can be produced to support the hypothesis but the fundamentals can't I.e. it has been proved that amino acids (the building blocks of protein, which in turn is the building blocks of life) can be produced using inanimate gasses, proving the theory that life can come from non-life, what can't be proved is that those gasses were around when the first life forms started life on earth therefor it remains a hypothesis
Religion can't even claim to be a hypothesis, as something with no evidence at all is know as a MYTH or STORY.
Any questions please ask.
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13-04-2013, 05:12 PM
RE: Best argument against or for creationism?

Something to the effect:

"The odds of the earth forming to provide just the right environment to spontaneously begin life that would evolve is statistically the same as a tornado sweeping through a junkyard and a brand new 747 coming out on the other end."

~An Evangelical Doofus.
(Possibly Francis Schaefer, or maybe Josh McDowell).

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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