Better to remain silent...?
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20-12-2012, 12:15 AM
RE: Better to remain silent...?
(18-12-2012 05:32 AM)Hughsie Wrote:  ...
No-one in their right mind assumes everyone they meet is a totally decent guy until proven otherwise, that's why you lock you house when you're out, you are wary of people

Speak for yourself bro.
I choose to live by that principle (that everyone is decent until they disappoint me).
I lock my door against people I have not met.

I grew up in a village where we did not lock our doors.
Sometimes, even now, I forget to lock up.
But then, in Sing there is bugger all crime and I own nothing worth stealing.

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20-12-2012, 10:30 AM
RE: Better to remain silent...?
It's for Your Own Security.

When people hears that phrase, most will agree that whatever their governments do is Okay.
Most people will say:

Hidden cameras? Fine.
Hidden mics? No problem.
Cavities search? I'm Ok with that.
[Image: 1st-cavity-search.jpg]

If you don't agree, you're seen as someone who is hiding something. You might be a delinquent, a potential terrorist or
you must be paranoid (and you should be under meds).

Nowadays people are being treated like cattle and most don't realize or don't care. Sooner or later we'll be required to
have an RFID chip in our bodies. In fact, many people are asking for one!!

Human cattle is what we're becoming.

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