Big move on the horizon
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11-11-2014, 08:41 AM
RE: Big move on the horizon
Congrats and good luck with the move!

" Generally speaking, the errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous."
David Hume
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11-11-2014, 09:00 AM
RE: Big move on the horizon
(10-11-2014 09:30 PM)Stark Raving Wrote:  I got news today that puts the last piece of a puzzle I've been working on in place. It looks like I'll be moving to the west coast. Not sure exactly where, but somewhere on Vancouver island. I've always loved BC, and I've always dreamed of living on the island. I am an expert in an industry that is booming in BC, and about to explode. That led to a couple different businesses approaching me, and in the end, I ended up with a choice between Vancouver Island and the Okanagan Valley. It was a really tough choice, but in the end the islander in me won. I've got kin there, and some folk who are just as good as kin.

I'm good at change, but this is even a bit scary for me. There's no more Mrs. Raving, and the Starklet has flown the coop (Alberta bound, so the move will keep me a little closer to her too) so I'm suddenly left with no responsibilities and a full tank of gas.


We could use your expertise here in Oregon too, I bet.

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