Bill Gates Vs the Pope
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25-04-2011, 12:10 AM
Bill Gates Vs the Pope
I Dint now where to put this since im still new but i always wondered if some one thinks what i think .........

Bill gates vs The pope
since ive seen the pope has good intentions but they where all placed in religion since that has been a waste of time...(that's in my opinion) where bill gates has had less time than some Popes .. but bill gates has accomplished more than any of the popes in a short term of time ...1. The Software,Hardware Inspiration on making more technology and improving the typical life, since he has inspired technology improvements ,And the pope Has has more time than anyone else and made a commitment on not making adultery being good and making a inspiration to the people,(in my opinion that has all been a waste of time for the popes)...The pope had all that time Just think about it if that much effort was put in religion just imagine if he had put his inspiration into reality ...probably there would never been a bill gates since technology would have been discovered earlier......

(That was a bit of what i wanted to write and yeah i know there are more people that inspired technology that had inspired bill gates to have his inspiration of what he has accomplished in his life time ..and yeah Jef Raskin started the macintosh project but im focusing on the computer used daily )

And i know there is no comparison with the pope and bill gates but i was looking for a topic

Hopefully I will hear from my fellow atheist
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